You don’t have to figure it ALL out to move forward – Kay Magnet

You don't have to figure it ALL out to move forward - Kay Magnet

It’s been a long time coming and finally, it’s here. It started as a dream and slowly but surely, King Solomon’s mine is swiftly becoming a household name and a project everyone wants to be associated with.

Last year in June, the dream was conceived and because I didn’t want to procrastinate, I decided to start up a free blog. You know, we really don’t have to figure it all once to start. So yeah, I started.

The funny thing about it all was that I didn’t have a laptop or even an Internet subscription to get started, I practically visited my friend’s cyber cafe to browse. The initial King Solomon’s mine free platform was actually set up for free using my friend’s cafe and that I’ll always respect and be thankful for.

Then I got even fortunate and was privileged to use my sister’s laptop after work to publish my write-ups and resolved to use my hotspot from my iPhone, which was all I had really, to write, transfer documents and connect with my readers via my social media platforms. And the rest they say is history.

Here we are today and I’m happy to introduce my new blog to you all and I thank everyone who has been supportive and have played a major role in the actualization of my dream.

Henceforth, you’ll get to read and be entertained by some of my personal work and the blog also features great articles from amazing writers such as the remarkable poet, Adeniji Ganiyat Adejoke (BlinxxX), acclaimed contributor for the Guardian newspaper, Segun Durowaiye (King Of Suspense), Certified Human Right Activist and founder of R.I.S.E network, Kelechi Cindy Ikpe and Award winning UK based writer and writing coach, Tolulope Popoola to mention a few.

With that said, I rededicate King Solomon’s Mine to The Almighty God who has orchestrated, sponsored, inspired and motivated this cause and also to my humble and loyal readers, God bless you all.

Have fun being a part of my world.

Kay Magnate

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