Writers Block; A Complete Fallacy

Every content creator will agree that completing a piece of work is one of the best feelings one can get in life. Whether you are writing for passion or for the bucks. It boosts your skill set, creates a feeling of accomplishment, pride of productivity, gives you access to your reality, and the opportunity to know yourself in depth, and several other inestimable reactions.
Writers block is a total myth, a hitch to the breakthrough stories of many writers. Most people perceive it as the “price” every writer has to pay to be great, so I thought too.
Just one more break. One break, and I will focus on my writing clips.
Those were the constant words in my head for over four and a half years. We all made and are still making the mistake of uttering those words to ourselves. If I knew then what I know now, my brand will be a huge success story today. But of course, the almighty “writers block” had to reveal who the boss was.
After contending with this menace for years, I finally rallied my way around to discover that writers block only happens when you have no clearly defined and cut out Purpose for writing. If your reason for writing is not centred around a purpose, you will most likely be stuck and seized into believing it’s just a phase that will pass. News flash, it won’t!!!
If writers block truly existed, I wouldn’t be on my 250th word in a space of an hour, typing this piece. The reality is, I have a deadline to meet with, there is a plan, and no excuse is worth not following through.
Sometimes in August 2017, while preparing to round off work for the day so I could catch up with the usual Lagos traffic, a colleague of mine stopped by my desk, seeking help with writing an article for presentation the next day with the promise to pay the sum of 15,000 naira. Is this a joke? What? N15,000 for an article had me in complete shock! The offer was too good to be true I had to ask repetitively to be sure he wasn’t pulling a horseplay on me. The seriousness on his face was enough to confirm how real he was about this gig. I completed the task within two hours. Not minding the time on the clock; I cared less about the traffic that was accumulating while I spent more time in the office, I did not think about writer’s block, neither did I consider taking even a one-minute break. I was completely lost in a world that was all about the task before me. I knew what 15k would do during that period. I enjoyed my money, it was spent with pride from self-fulfilment and the realization that I have something to offer in exchange for cool cash. Imagine being paid for a service you did so effortlessly.
Writers block is a total fallacy. It is not real, it’s an excuse from writers to be lazy, to embark on unnecessary breaks with the claims of “not being able to produce new work, experiencing a creative slowdown”, or as the case may be.
Even in those times when the need to start or finish is lacking, write! A piece you paid no much detail into writing can turn out to be a great article when edited. Kick against the idea that “writers block is normal” because it is not.
So go ahead, write a lot. Write Every day!
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Hello Reader, I am Itohan, a writer who loves to grasp attention and call people to action with entertaining, informative, and time worthy piece.

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