Why did the big mangoes fall??

    Looking at the mango tree, I could see others still hanging on, this observation brought a question to my mind, why did those mangoes fall and yet, others still remained?…
    Hmmm… I could see two mangoes having a conversation;
    Mango 1: Hey, my friend, how are you today?
    Mango 2: I’m fine thanks.
    Mango 1: Are you sure you are fine? You look really sick, you are not properly shaped and I can see spots on you.
    Mango 2: ahhhhhh
    Mango 1: Infact, I don’t think you would be sweet, you are just a waste of space.
    I could see the pains mango 2 felt, but then he forgot that they were both from the same root, I could hear the ROOT speak calmly to him, ‘I am strong enough to keep you, just hang on to my stems’, but, he was so in pains, he did not listen, rather, he let the words of mango 1, bring him down.
    Who do you listen to?
    Whose words do you allow into your heart?
    Remember, Words Destroy and Words Create. Do not let the words other people say about you bring you down.
    Listen to the source and root of humanity, I hear him say ‘My Grace is sufficient for you, just hold on to my Words’.

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