Where was I when God was speaking to you?

The creative force behind every of God’s Word is mighty. The overreaching effect is same likewise, if one is misled. There are various means through which God communes with us and the most commonly perverted is the “God said”.
Many have misplaced priority, shattered dreams because of listening to the wrong God said. Over the years, many have lost it with God by claiming He was up there while they were fooled. I’ve often said, you were not listening well. He never stops speaking; in a dream, a still small voice, even through His servants of whom most of us displace.
We are more keen with the iced, jaw dropping words of deceit. The word of God is direct, addressing a point without fail.
The Lord will always confirm His word to you, even if He sends a person to you. In case you’ve forgotten, God’s Word is more reverred by Him than His name.
To be on the lookout for what God is saying next is also to listen attentively. Don’t just wait, include patience when the word arrives, it will help you see clearer if anyone is trying to parade the Sovereign being by scrapping your head without being noticed.
Now, with that been said, I hope I won’t be castigated for what I’m about to say because I’m sure I’ve carefully pointed out a couple ways God speaks to His children and also acknowledged the truth, beauty and transparency of God’s Word through His anointed servants but my problem is the so called prophets, pastors, clergy or whatever tag they walk around with all in the name of the gospel of Christ, who go about giving false teachings and messages.
By the way, permit me to quickly say that God has sent me messages or words of deliverance, healing, victory etc through great and newly anointed men of God, so I know for a fact that no matter how great or righteous and even close to God we are, God can still choose to send His Words to us through others. Point established!
But really, where was I when He was speaking to you and not me, when I give my mind, body and soul to Him in entirety. I mean, I sleep, eat and drink this God. God always speaks to those that wants to be spoken to, all you have to do is listen. Adhere yourself completely to His will and create an atmosphere of praise and true worship and watch my Father spit those bars. Yeah, He sure raps and you really don’t wanna miss out on a party He’s deejaying at. My God rocks!! Wink
So I say… Please, stop the false doctrines and teachings, I just signed up for an instant mail messenger so I wouldn’t be needing you forwarding God’s messages to me anymore. And I speak for all. We are tired of the deceit, go get a job sir, the ministry is better of without you.
For as many that’s reading this today and are just as tired as I am, we can have God share our beds with us, the Holy Spirit is always and ever willing to dwell with us, help us, teach us and direct us, He’s all we need to have a fulfilled run and end well this race of life.
Stop allowing yourself to be misled and manipulated by these so called men of God. We need to stop serving the men of God and give total reverence to the God of man. We are desperate for miracles and that has made us so vulnerable to this vultures. Well, just so you know, I just acquired a new set of catapults, heavenly made too, customized just for you. We are no longer interested in your instant and scripted miracles.
Repent from your ways. Find God!

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