When God is ready

When you are not getting what you want yet,
When you think everything  is against you
When you think everything you lay your hands on are not yeilding good results
When you think you are ready to get married but its not working out
When you think you are ready to have children but nothing is forthcoming
When you think you are ready to be the boss but remains the employee
You feel you are ready for that miracle
You feel you have that testimony prepared.
When God is not ready to do what you want yet, you still have to thank Him
When God is not ready to open that door, you still have to worship Him
When God is not ready to bless you beyond the way you are, you still have to worship Him
When God is looking down on you as you are suffering, you still have to honor Him because you  know He is the only one that can help you through the trying times
GOD will always be GOD even if you don’t praise Him in your difficult times…that is the only thing God can’t give Himself… we owe Him that.
The bottom line is no matter what you are going through, what you are facing…if its not time for change, if God is not ready no one can force Him. You can’t bribe Him. You can’t threaten Him. If you like climb one million mountains, call one million prophets, jump up and down, it doesn’t change anything. If something happens, if what you are praying for during that period works out, it is not because of the different spiritual exercises you are engaged in, it is just because GOD is ready.it is because it is your time. It is because God knows it’s the right time.
HE knows what to do
HE knows how to do it
HE knows why he should do it
HE knows where it should be done
HE knows when to do it.
And this is because He is the Omnipotent, Omniscient and the Omnipresent.
When God is ready, the world will see and feel it.

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