When a woman is fed up!

When a woman is fed up, there’s nothing you can do about it. When the line gets broken, there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Love is a beautiful thing but soon becomes your worst night mare if not carefully nurtured. We get to a point in our relationships where we wonder how we got there, it’s like taking a slip fall and there’s no one there to stop or help get us back up.
Could it have been the long nights of meaningless arguments when they could have simply said ‘THEY WERE SORRY’?
Why go into a relationship with a bag full of ego when your partner is already a hand full?
I mean, why send a boy to do a man’s work, and that’s me talking from a man’s perspective? It’s not beans handling a woman, it comes with it’s own special manual, one which we never get done reading.
Women are the most precious gifts to humanity right after Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the cross of Calvary to REDEEM the world.
They are there to RUN it!
They OWN it!
How do something that felt so right all of a sudden sound like a broken record?
Relationships are all about communication, trust, tolerance and vulnerability, and when it no longer has that, then what’s there to fight for?
And just before you castigate me, Vulnerability is the birthplace of LOVE, so it makes perfect sense to add that. So..
Pray you’re blessed with a fighter because most of the time, they have all the fighting to do and also hope she doesn’t get tired because trust me, she will and wouldn’t just give a hook anymore.
I repeat, when a woman’s fed up, there’s nothing you can do about it. She gets to that point of a-zero-tolerance for your bullshit, the bull’s shit she thought smelt so great and fell in a hot romance with. Guess time changed, it always does.
Nothing good last forever, except God is right in the middle of it all and often times, He isn’t because we are so stuck up playing the selfish psychopathic blame game and our Heavenly Father can’t be caught in that mix.
It gets to a time when the love that brought us so much joy leaves us with nothing but sadness and hearts full of pain and regrets. I just pray that when it does, both parties are matured enough to talk things out and come up with a temporary and sometimes, permanent solution to the constant fights that only leads to a land of no return; HATRED!
Oh yes! You’ll be surprised how love can become so bad that both parties involved can’t even stand each other for the rest of their miserable lives.
And yeah! Miserable because they gave up on LOVE. Who does that?
I do, I did, just hope I never have to.
We’ve given up too many times and don’t even think who’s counting because time is.
I’ve come to a realization that nothing good comes easy and to love and cherish a lady comes with it’s own responsibilities, one which I’ve been bad accomplishing, allow me put myself on the spot here.
Am I a great guy? Oh yes I am but I can be a terrible lover and so are many others. However, does that justify the many heartbreaks and times we gave up on love and was given up on?
Now I speak for myself… I understand I can be very selfish, insensitive, proud and sometimes, extremely clueless to how to love a woman right but quite frankly, I’m done asking God to make me a better man. Marriage is all about complementing each other. I’m meant to make you a better woman while you make me your perfect man, that’s what love is all about; we complement each other’s flaws and rise above them.
We don’t give up on them.
I’m of the opinion that love is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone, I just think most times we rush in to rush out and when you start having these arguments because they will come, it’s a red flag signifying a pit fall ahead, my advice is that you talk things out as a couple when you still can, rather than sweeping and leaving things under the rug, it only makes things messier, breeding a demon you both eventually won’t be able to tame.
And yeah, I understand one party feels he or she’s love is stronger but trust me, this has nothing to do with both parties sharing a sincere and unconditional love for each other or not. Love soon depreciates if the tree that binds them together is not watered and left in the sun to understand with life comes seasons and with seasons comes change and challenges.
Now, my question is, how’s that panning out for your love life?
Are you adapting to the change?
Is your love strong enough to weather the storm?
Perhaps you’re fed up!
Maybe he’s the a**hole
The truth is, you both messed up!

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