Startup Plan BKing Solomon’s Mine is an inspirational platform that has been created to liberate the soul, as it helps rediscover self, giving a whole new meaning to the life we live.

The dream really is to find common ground as we aim to create a balance between the social and the spiritual life of the people.

However, asides being an inspirational blog that features a couple other interesting categories such as the News, Sport and Lifestyle segment, just to mention a few, we also offer the following services:

  • Corporate documents like; brochure, corporate statement, website contents, business proposal, strategic business plan, marketing plan, business guide book, among others.
  • Personalised documents like; social media contents, biography, program speech, event report, film synopsis, feature article, song/movie review, a non-fictional and fictional book and many others.

You can also contact us if you need a copywriter and for your proofreading and editing works.