Unending Love

I’m stricken by the pang of rejection,
I give all of my love and affection,
but to you, I’m just a mere option,
useful only in times of pains and affliction.
With outstretched arms, I call,
still you resist and give me a halt,
pushing me away like I’m the whore,
I grieve, for I am wounded and deeply hurt.
I desire your body for my temple,
your spirit I long to make my vessel,
yet you make me feel un-comfortable,
with those words and acts so despicable.
Have you forgotten how we met?
You were guilty, could not pay your debt?
locked up in that cold room near death?
not to be freed even after your last breath?
I opened the gate and broke the chains,
I set you free, so you can live again,
remember that night we made a bargain?
how come you forgot and hurt me this way?
But, Baby I still love you,
Please come back home to me,
I never stopped loving you my darling,
What I feel for you remains ever real,
come back home to me, I pray thee.


I still love you.😥😥😥😥


Author’s Bio:
Diedemise Precious is a graduate of mathematics. She hails from Delta State, Nigeria.
Precious is a talker, a writer and a teen-preneur. She is a realist and an expressive writer. She writes mainly on practical challenges faced in the society, and ways to surmount them and be better.
She believes that everyone on earth was created to accomplish a purpose, as such, she is passionate about reaching out to teenagers in the areas of self growth and purpose discovery.
She is the initiator of ‘Preshlife Initiative’ and is currently working on building a team of purpose driven individuals, whose aim is to assist young people discover purpose, and guide them towards living up to it.

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