Understanding the covenant!

So I was in Sunday school today and peeps kept going back and forth on how God is slow or fast about blessing His children and was moved to take the mic and make a contribution.
The truth is, many Christians are not doing so well, not because God is fast or slow as they so see it but because they don’t understand the covenant.
Abraham, Isaac, David, Solomon and every other person that was wealthy in the Bible understood the covenant. To receive, you must be willing to give. And giving in this context doesn’t only mean your financial substance but giving to God what’s expected of you to activate the covenant.
His Word forever stands.
Has He said it, He will do it?
Christ became POOR so that we could be RICH. There’s absolutely no REASON for us to be poor. And by US I mean the sons and daughters of God.
If you’re not living the life God has destined for you, look inwards and find out what’s wrong because something is definitely not right. Fix it!
It’s not every problem we must blame on the witches and wizards in our villages and the unfortunate family members somewhere in our bloodline, walking around with cutlasses and hoes trying to uproot the family tree.
We have our part to play in activating the covenant. It’s there in the Word waiting to be sprung into action/to life.
Search the Word. Know the Word. Live the Word. Become the Word.
You’re the apple of God’s eyes.
He created you to succeed. You have no business chasing and lusting over riches. You’re all the wealth you need. Everything you need to make wealth has been deposited in you.
Find you. Know you. Love you

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