‘Trusting God Completely’ — “The Power Of Effective Prayers” Series By Apostle Winifred Ugwu Iwunze

Many live life aimless without a direction and those that are lucky enough to seek guidance are going about it the wrong way. You can’t seek direction from man, you’ll get lost. How are you sure the people you’re relying to show you the way aren’t lost themselves??
Jesus is the way and the light that shines through the darkness. We must learn to trust God completely. It’s not enough to just know and serve Him, we must commit it all in His hands.
And more saddening are those who at some point trusted God completely but are no where to be found. Somehow, they’ve lost their way seeking riches, help, power, provision and protection in the wrong places.
Thankfully, you’re still alive and that only means there’s a chance for restitution. God is calling you out today to restitute your ways and retrace your steps back to Him.
He’s willing to accept you back into His caring and loving arms, if only you resolve today to retracing your steps back to your source. Every other ground is a sinking sand.
Don’t be fooled!
It’s time to trust God completely.
Trust Him with your life.
Until you get to a place where/when you’re able to call God out and tell Him you’ll die if He doesn’t help you, you’re not ready for that desired change. As funny as it may seem, but He loves challenges and one of the beautiful ways you can challenge Him is by trusting Him completely.
Trust Him today!!
Kay Magnate
N.B: Watch The Powerful Video From Apostle Winifred Ugwu Iwunze, it will bless you and help you find your way back to trusting God completely. God bless!

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