There’s always a price to pay, grace only speeds up the process


Allow me to start this paragraph by humbling saying I’m not writing this piece as a teacher of His Word, but sharing my deepest thoughts about some concerns and maybe notion I may have about certain things. However, let it form a basis for your quest to know more about the One who has created you so wonderfully and yet so beautifully.

As I continue, many might disagree with me on what I’m about to say which is wonderful by the way, we are all learning but personally, I really think nothing as children of God is given to us for free asides our redemption on the cross and the grace bestowed upon us, which we are not deserving of, that’s just God’s supernatural nature at work. We just have to work for them.

To be favored, you have to live a Holy life that qualifies you for it. Likewise, any and every other thing comes with it’s biblical and spiritual requirements.

To be born again, you have to accept Him as your Lord and savior, denounce your old sinful and selfish ways and grant Him Lordship over your life. Nonetheless, with this been done, it’s not enough for you to say you’re a child of God and start appropriating all that’s been made readily available for you on the communion table. Oh yea, you’ll have to work for them.

Do you really think the devil is just going to sit down, cross his legs and watch you crawl out of his grip?? Naaaa, he’s too cony and persevering for that. He never stops till all legal grounds are lost/broken.

The fight to win the war over self is a continuous and adventurous one. Even when you’re determined, you still need His (God) grace to give you a right standing with the devil. He (The devil) sure knows how to manipulate us till he achieves his goals and that’s why we need Him (God) to help us win the war.

We were all created to be great. No matter how small, something special was deposited in you to stand you out and create a need for you. However, the devil’s schemes, his plots and evil ways entrap the destinies of man, leaving God’s already perfected work of creation in doubt.

Now!!! When this happens because it definitely will, we can’t be called sons and daughters of God without rigorous tests and peace signs behind enemy lines. We must fight our way to the top and that requires God’s help.

With that been said, this brings us back to my initial paragraph. I repeat, NOTHING is given free to us by God during recreation, please mark that word RECREATION. If you want Him to fight for you, you must adhere to His warnings. Do you want to be blessed because in blessings you’ll be blessed but you’ll have to work for it. He’s not just going to lead you to the banana plantation without first showing you how to make use of the hoe and cutlasses. You must cultivate and harvest your way there.

You want a good wife? You can’t fornicate and defile His altar, our body means more than just a carrier of destinies to Him, it’s way more precious than gold and silver.

Oh, she wants a good job? Are you ready to fast and climb that mountain??

Many might say it’s not a must that we fast to get the desired answers we need. Very True! However, fasting in its term doesn’t necessarily mean starving yourself from food and water but killing your flesh so that your spirit can grow and that takes a lot of work.

You can’t feed your flesh and spirit at the same time. One has to die for the other to live.

We fast by not going for those parties that make us vulnerable to sex, alcohol and drugs. We can win a lot of battles by just saying NO to the night life and crave those long hours of worship and praying in the dark corners of our rooms while our friends are merry-ing the night away, please excuse my french.

God’s standards are high but easy to live by if only we allow the Holy Spirit in. You can become all you want in Christ Jesus but be ready to put in some work. Actually, a lot of work.

As I conclude… It’s important I share this!

Sex till today is the devil’s joker and how many youth of this generation can abstain from the erotic desires and pleasures of intimate-ship, just a dive can change everything??

“Without marriage, penetration brings satisfaction that defeats God’s intention for creation of intimacy.” – Kay Magnate

Sexually, when you score a goal, millions of goals are scored in the spirit realm that can truncate your destiny forever.

Sex is more spiritual than we think.

Okay! Now let’s agree you’ve fallen and you’re sorry and need God’s divine help to restore and have you operating on a default, can you stay away from sex even if you dated the prettiest and sexiest lady in the world, because you’ll be required to, trust me??

You can’t eat your cake and have it. There’s always a price to pay, grace only speeds up the process, don’t get it twisted.

Thanks for reading. Please share!!

Kay Magnate

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