The will of God!

God’s will, God’s purpose, God’s intention, God’s desire; call it whatever, it is still our divine assignment, our destiny in which we are accountable for. It is said that destiny can be delayed but cannot be changed.
Life is a journey; Where we are going in life is not far but there are so many stop-by. So many bustops in the journey of life. So many distractions that can be physical or spiritual, medical or psychological which sums up to our delays in life… You can only get to your destination if you are moving.
Destinies can’t only be delayed but can be killed. If your destiny is to be the best medical doctor and you refuse to go to school, but you know about herbs; you have killed the destiny of being a medical doctor but awaken the native doctor in you. I hope that makes sense?
If it is the will of God for your life, you will succeed in it. There is a thin line between destiny and the ‘will’ of God. It was the destiny of Jesus to come to die but it was the will of God that chose the time and age that he should die.
You can’t fulfill destiny if you don’t go through the will of God and that is why we pray that God’s will should be done not because we don’t have our own intentions but because no matter what we do, God will always have His way.
Destinies can’t be fulfilled without the will of God. Most people get confused when it comes to fulfilling destinies and that’s where the phrase ‘let the will of God be done’ comes in because nothing can happen in this life if it’s not God’s will or God’s intention.
When we go through tribulations, it is not because God hates us, it is just His will. When He delivers us, it is still His will. When we feel the devil is at work, it is not that God can’t just cast the devil away but He is allowing it because there’s no testimony without a test. When it is God’s will, nothing can change it.
In a nutshell, your destiny cannot be delayed if it’s not God’s will. Nothing in life happens without it being God’s purpose for it. Remember His ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts(Isaiah 55:8-9).
Author’s Bio:
It’s easier to write it out than to voice it out…I have gifted hands and I bless God for that. I am a make up artist; even though, I prefer to be called a ‘Beauty enhancer’ instead because I believe everyone is beautiful and so I am to enhance that and not change the face in the name of artistry.
I cook well (maybe I should start cooking for busines) I make hair, I write, I am a copywriter. God has blessed my hands; anything I lay them on turns to gold.
I write for fun not just because I am a graduate of English language but because I have been challenged severally by the youngest mentor I have who often calls me a ‘lazy writer’.
I am not actually a lazy writer but a calm, patient and quiet writer. Sometimes I write when I have so many things running through my mind and just believe there are two friends that wont judge me (God and my pen).
I write when I have something to say and I always have something to say. So for the sake of not being judged that I talk too much, I just write them instead cause if I voice out everything in my head then I would be worse than Eddie Murphy in the movie ‘A thousand words’
In this my little corner, I will be writing anything that comes to my head(the helpful ones though)…
I am Omoyiola, welcome to Omoyiola’s space. Thank you and God bless

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