The only Thing constant in Life is CHANGE!

Many people meeting me for the first time in the last couple years may admire the great guy that I am but I wasn’t always like this. Trust me, I was a pain in the ass and sometimes, still is. There’s this default mode we’ve been created with and what grace and the spirit of God does in us after recreation by confession is put us in a reset mode but the beast called attitude always finds its way in when sin takes root in our very soul.
There were times I would kill to buy the most expensive timberland boots and have them rocked with a cute looking jeans, Levi’s standards. All that mattered to me at the time was making a fashion statement but today, I still make those statements, not just desperately done. I do when I can and just put on what I can when I can’t. Hope that makes sense? Lol
I seem to have given a whole new meaning to my priority list and that helps me save, which is beautiful by the way. I remember the days I smoked off my lunch money. Rather than eat, I preferred to get a pack of cigarette and have friends puff with me. Just a young fool playing cool, I can almost imagine how irritating I was back in school.
Misplaced priorities, some would call it. And some, youthful exuberance. But if you ask me, I think it’s just growth. I’ve come to realize the more we grow, the more exposed and enlightened we become about the things of life and most importantly, our spiritual race. I mean, there were times I had a time table for women, if we spent the whole evening together, then I must have really liked you. Now, I go days, weeks, months and even years without thinking sex. Not that I’m incapable, trust me, I am. I’ve just come to an understanding with the fact that my body is the temple of the Lord and I can do better things with my staff like pathing the Red Sea. Moses hasn’t got two heads, you know??
I ain’t getting younger, neither are you but I don’t think that’s the reason my values have changed because I know peeps older than I am who still chase after anything in skirt, it’s like a medal to them. I just really think allowing God in and aligning your plans with His does the magic.
The Holy Spirit has been a very good friend, one who doesn’t lower His standards for anything. Initially when I gave my life to Christ, I would do some contradicting stuffs and would say God understands. Yes, He sure does. He understands you’re a bloody sinner and an Hypocrite that cannot be trusted and only been called His son because of the grace and mercy purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross of Calvary.
The reason why many still struggle with sin is the same reason churches now have ATM and POS stations; double standards. Please forgive me but the truth has to be told. You can’t serve two masters but sadly, many still do under the pretense of serving and working for God. Don’t take those tithes and offering if it’s just for your immediate and selfish use. Be sure your repentance is sincere and resolve each day to totally living for His righteous cause.
I believe I’m a better person today because my values have changed. There has to be a change within for there to be a change without. And this isn’t something you can achieve on your own, you’re just gonna have to let the Holy Spirit help you.
I searched the internet for girls, now I seek a wife.
I partied all night in various clubs across the land, now I wait on the Lord all night.
I smoked cigarettes, now I burn incense.
I was a pain my mum wished she did away with at birth but now she prays for me.
I was proud and unaccommodating, now I’m accommodating but still a little pride here and there which means the work isn’t finished yet. I’m a work in progress and so are you. The beautiful thing is that I’m committed to allowing God help me and indeed, He is.
He will.
Thanks for reading.

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