The fallen Mangoes!

One cool evening, I sat under a mango tree,  with my earphone tucked in my ears. The lyrics of the song sank deep into my head and the breeze from the evening was so wonderful that I had to close my eyes to enjoy the moment.
Gbam… came the sound of a mango, falling from the stem of its tree. I was forced out of my moment of ecstasy, as the sound caught my attention.
For a while, I stared at the fallen mango,  then I look around, and saw other mangoes that had fallen from the same tree; some were big, while others were so tiny. But something was common among them, none of them was edible.
Some fell when they were still very tiny, some when were a little bigger, there were also the ones that were very big and almost ripened.
I thought to myself, if only those big mangoes hanged on for a while, then I would have had a taste of their delicious juice.
Some people lose track of their life’s race when they barely know about it, some others lose track when they know about it, but are yet to understand it.
Painfully, there are a set of people who lose track not because they don’t know or understand it, but because, they could not hang on a little more for their season of ripening.
Hang on, your ripening season will soon come.
What happens to the fallen mangoes???
They are swept, packed, and thrown away, to keep the compound clean.

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