The Conversations of my heart!

Conversations, illustrations, revelations, call it what you want but I have lived long enough to know a couple things about This God we serve. At least for the unapologetic fraction who doesn’t need a reason as to why they have the awesome life they live in Christ, I speak. Quite fascinating, the depth of His love, you can’t go wrong.
Misplaced priorities and a total disregard to the essence of His creation got us under locks. Why start a storm when you’re not ready for the rain??
We constantly push the button. I can bet we own some of the prettiest alarms, but only a few are ready for the ‘wake’ when the ‘dawn’ thus break.
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Suffering and smiling, the unfortunate lifestyle of man. Be it white, black, European or Asian, we are all confronted by the same struggles and headed for the other side of town when we eventually give up the ghost and embrace the grave. How tragic!
The victory has been given but has to be earned. And if you’re wondering, the equation is unsolved without the cross, guess that best explains it. Get it?
Unexplainable mystery, but the Bible tells the tales right. Listen and learn and you just might end right.
Brighter days, shining stars, pave the way.
Ignorant son, unworthy company, grace the grave.
A memorable life I live, a doubtful mind I’ve got. How dare you mess with a formula that works?
“Man plus God equals GLORY and that interlocked with PURPOSE unlocks the very door to FULFILLMENT.”—Kay Magnate
Set your PRIORITY while the SUNSHINE.
Man is nothing BUT his GOALS.
Hail stones and burnt coals, quite the wrong DUO.
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Amazing, the architectural frame of man but the builder builds in vain except God does the structuring. Malfunctioning?
Hit the reset button.
Find God.
Go back to your source.
I just did.
It’s worth it.
Haven’t written in a while and had to pen down these few words I’ll like to call the conversations of my heart since I’ve done everything humanly to get my blog back up but circumstances beyond my control says I have to wait. Just wait bro.
I’m waiting..
I waited.
Finally, it’s here.
On that note, I rededicate KSM to God in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
Kay Magnate



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