The beginning of an amazing end!

Looking back to what many would call the good old days, I feel lost, broken, condemned, as a matter of fact, at times I felt nonexistent. You know, the living dead, many unfortunately are just walking corpse on earth. I must admit I’ve measured and dug my own grave countless times in my head but who are we to condemn ourselves when God hasn’t given up on us? And quite frankly, He never will.
Guess I’ve been too hard and unfair through the process of finding and recognizing my purpose. I try to fight the demons all by myself but they ain’t got sh*t on me (In Denzel’s voice) — I’m joint heir with Christ, I rock. I’m an Holy nation. How could I ever forget that??
Apparently, life got me reading from the wrong pages of its manual and it’s manipulative and deceptive acts got me all messed up and vulnerable. But because Jesus Christ died for me and I’ve been led to the cross, I know better. So what if I impregnated a girl and had her abort the baby?
Who cares if I had a straw glued to my mouth and I drank directly from the brewery, my only worry is the kids that watched me grow up and wished they could be me. But then, this isn’t the time for regrets right? Those were the days of ignorance and I say that apologetically. Today, they hear me preach the gospel so I hope my life is of a better influence to them and the growing generation. So help me God!
What do I want for my birthday, I ask myself and then I turn to God and ask Him what He thinks I deserve but truthfully and hypothetically speaking, I can’t say for sure I’ll be getting a response because I’m too impatient to know what He thinks being so excited and lost in the mirage of it all. Well, maybe a SURPRISE party because He’s so full of it and it will be great to have the angels sing the heavenly hymns right there in my study. How amazing! ?
I love the Lord, confessed His son, advance the kingdom and admire the devil. Ops!
Well Yes, you heard me right, I admire the devil because He keeps me up my feet and constantly reminds me why I need to stay focused and live right. You really don’t want to get caught off guard, it’s funny how the little demons seem to carry the biggest planks. They hit hard! Oh yes, they do. But then, I’m glad the line is fully drawn. I know my stand and they sure know I’m not the kind to mess with. And I say that for free with the Holy anger in me. Snoop said, “pay the cost to be the boss” Not sure I’ve paid mine but the blood did. He bled!
Today, the 31st, I’m a year older, a lot wiser and a mile closer, I’ve got to make it to the finish line. Strongly too.
As I celebrate today, I wanna play golf with the Lord, who’s my caddie??
Hmmmm, my caddie?? That’s a deep one but just before I go on, I believe a caddie is an attendant who carries the golf clubs for a player. They basically carry our burden on the pitch/golf coast just as Jesus carried ours on the cross. Now, the thought of that makes me wonder and I’m forced to ask myself the following questions:
Since I confessed Him as my Lord and Savior and enjoying the new birth, how many souls have I won to the Lord?
Oh yes, I’ve got accounts across the social media platforms and tweet a good one, to what good has my presence online been??
My gifts, am I fully utilizing them for the glory of the Lord??
Finally, I ask, if God would say a couple words to me, just 3 words this day apart from saying happy birthday son, what would they be??
Well, I wish I knew the exact words the Lord would choose to use to honor me because that’s what I am, an honorable man, just as the Bible calls me. But I’m glad I’m alive today and can boldly say I live for His glory. I may come out as an hypocrite sometimes, it’s a journey right, so it’s bound to be filled with moments; the good and the not so convincing episodes of life’s drama and faithless act of humanity. But we try right??
I’m not a saint, never said I was. But I’m a believer, a fighter and the redeemed of the Lord. As I celebrate today, I’m hoping this is the beginning of an amazing and fulfilling end that would last forever.

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