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I am Assent Tweed, this is my salvation story

#SalvationStory is a major category of the #blog; #KSM and it features Ministers of #God all around the world, #gospelartiste, men and women of faith in general, as they get to share their salvation story in a move to inspire the people out there in the world but not of God. We believe when they read these stories, they would be touched and their lives would never be the same again. And today, we featured the prolific singer; #AssentTweed.

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I want to be more…

As a man, there's a certain standard you can't go below and that includes providing for your family even if that requires you risking your life for them.

The wilderness experience

Often times in life's journey, for God to bless us, He takes us out of our comfort zone and launches us into the wild so we can get a real piece of life's action.

“The God working out your salvation” theory

God is more concerned with your character than your comfort. He is not a wicked God. He hears your prayers and works out your salvation

No devil, demon or territorial forces can hold us down!

No devil, demon and territorial forces can hold us down or limit our progress, it all has to do with God's own timing. And when it does click in, you wouldn't even need a visa to cross the Mediterranean Sea

You’re that one to me —Itohan Bello

I am indeed convinced beyond doubt that someone who sees the light, encourages, motivates, grooms, raises a platform for, keeps me in check and refers me to empowering and soul lifting resources is nothing but heaven sent.