Such a bloody notion

I am sure peeps I’m meeting for the first time this year, either at work, in church, at the mall and even on the street would wonder why I look so unkept. I mean, I walk about the whole place with a growing Afro and you would wonder why I’ve decided not to cut it. Well, this dude doesn’t need psychiatric evaluation or anything of such, He’s just trying to get rid of a bloody notion he has spent practically most of his life believing and playing slave to.
You know, I used to have this believe that when my hair grows beyond 3 weeks max, I begin to have these crazy headaches and so my headaches determined when it was time to visit the barbers. I loved the Afros, not that I look good on them anyway, I just like to change my looks from time to time and I’ve been enslaved by this bloody notion and haven’t really had the opportunity to explore and my barber must have made a fortune off my ignorance. I so feel like giving myself a knock right now.
Anyway, just as there’s a manufacturing date for everything made and unmade, so are there expiring dates and December 2018 ushered me into a new realm of the supernatural and definitely the psychological and starting the year 2019, I set a goal for myself and up until this very minute I’m writing this piece, a clipper or any sort of razor hasn’t travelled through my hair and I’m still wondering why my head hasn’t fallen off. I mean, I still have my head on my neck despite the bush my style has been trying to start a forest with.
Guess I’ve been living a lie for so long. Caught in my own beliefs, I must admit I’ve been acting a fool and so disappointed in myself right now. I decided not to cut my hair and if my head was going to fall off by the road side, at least LASMA will be there to help pick it up and have the medics wheel my headless body to the next available hospital. Well, luckily for me, I’m still standing and not lying in an ambulance somewhere. So I say…
Farewell to the bloody notion I’ve had to celebrate my birthdays with. I overcame you by faith because I allowed myself get acquainted with that part of the scripture that assure me that God has giving me dominion over everything and that of course includes the headaches and my faulty beliefs. It’s quite unfortunate how many walk around with false notions and psychology. Many of us are entrapped in our own mindset and living as slaves to our thoughts. This is just an example of how I deprived myself of a ‘maybe great look’ and more saddening is the fact I wasn’t living to the full potential of God’s Word allowing myself believe a lie the devil sold to me on a silver platter.
The human mind is very powerful and what we allow take root in there determines what shows forth in the physical. Many are slaves to the thoughts of not been able to conceive because at some ignorant times of their life, they were involved in an abortion but guess what, God has forgiven you and so has your womb.
Many are slaves to the poor family background they grew up in and think they can never amount to nothing but guess what, Grace did and so can you. It’s crazy how we purchase caskets of misbelieves and send ourselves to hell. We all are guilty of one thing or the other so no one really is left out. Your best bet right now is to look inwards and ask yourself what bloody notions you’ve been a slave to, because that my brother is the first step towards freedom.
Get help. Be free. Be in charge.
Rule your world!


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