Somewhere Between Hell And Hell No!

Just as the journey of a thousand mile start with a step, so does the journey to eternal damnation start with a little careless ignorant mistake, and sometimes, very intentional.
We’ve all taken both. Some were lucky enough to make their mistakes early enough and retrace their steps to taking the journey that leads to a thousand mile, while some are still trying to figure out what journey they are on but I am somewhere between Hell and Hell No! I speak for the selected few.
There’s a point we get to in our journey that the option to give up stares at us right in the face but if you’ve got a stubborn and unrelenting faith like I’ve got, then you can join me as we say to the devil, “sit down and watch our God make our life beautiful again”.
He has promised us beauty for ashes and I’m promising you the rest of my life, as we journey together seeking answers to our questions WHY — I’m grateful for King Solomon’s Mine.
I fell gallantly, oh yes, I did. I can say for a fact that I’ve spent the last couple of years of my life perambulating through life wondering where and how I missed it but while at it, instead of seeking the answers to the WHYs and HOWs, I stumbled upon a path that led me to finding the God that knows not only the answers to the WHYs and HOWs, but shows us the way out of the mud we’ve found so comfortable playing in.
I’m I fulfilled, No! Living a fulfilling life, Yes! Each day with Christ is an opportunity to be better and live a life of fulfillment. You can still recover all you’ve lost and fulfill destiny despite how much time that’s been wasted if you run with the right team and wonderfully enough, there’s only a price to pay — Confess Him as your Lord and savior and let Jesus help you.
The journey from the mud to the top can be very frustrating. In fact, it looks almost impossible, but rather than allowing your situation take you to hell, give it all you’ve got and shout a resounding Hell No!
Are we gonna give up? Hell No!
Are we gonna allow the devil frustrate God’s plan for our lives? Hell No!
What then do we do? Because it’s not just enough to say it, we must make it!
Well, It’s simple, just do what I’ve been doing; keep trusting God and making the right moves. There’s such a thing called ‘Set Time’, all your hard work will soon make sense. He’s not gonna come down from His throne to paint your life and make it beautiful. You have to pick up that brush yourself and decide how you want to look in the picture. Sadly, that’s where many Christians get it wrong.
It’s not enough to confess Him and wait for Him to do everything. He only promised to take us through the process and not leave us to faint while at it. So… Braise up, wise up, and tell the devil to shut the hell up!
Are you somewhere between Hell and Hell No? Now you know the option to take. Hell is too easy, you were created to be a warrior.
Get up and FIGHT!


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