She is a Mother

Like the mother hen,
she covers her chicks,
Brave as the lioness,
from preys; protects her Cubs,
She’s got the heart of a lamb, 
humble and calm,
Yet soars against all odds,
like the fearless eagle.
She is a mother !
Hurt by the one,
she calls her crown,
Yet she booms with smiles,
hidden under grief and pains,
She hums songs of sorrow;
as she fights hard to hold the tears,
still, she says to her little ones,
‘daddy is the best man to earth’.
She is a mother !
She is a Virtuous woman;
Worth more than rubies,
Like a merchant’s ship;
She brings food from afar
her presence illuminates love, 
when she speaks; her words are wise,
her instructions are like –
apples of gold in a setting of silver.
She is a mother !
She is not a football fan, 
But she is the MV player,
catching all spiritual bullets,
like a very sharp goal keeper,
She’s got the loudest shout;
an always present cheerleader,
And when everyone else leaves
She is the ever trusted supporter.
She is a mother !

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