Our Services

King Solomon’s Mine Is An Inspirational Platform That Has Been Created To Liberate The Soul, As It Helps Rediscover Self, Giving A Whole New Meaning To The Life We Live.

The Dream Really Is To Find A Common Ground As We Aim To Create A Balance Between The Social And The Spiritual Life Of The People. However, Asides Been An Inspirational Blog That Features A Couple Of Other Interesting Categories Such As Fashion, Events, Sport, Catering Just To Mention A Few.

We Also Offer The Following Services:

  • Write Fiction Or Nonfiction Through Scripts, Novels, And Biographies.
  • Conduct Research To Obtain Factual Information And Authentic Detail.
  • Choose Subject Matter That Interests Readers.
  • Work With Editors And Clients To Shape The Material So It Can Be Published.
  • Manage The Blog Community By Moderating And Responding To Comments.
  • SEO Implementation.
  • Handle Social Media Marketing Activities Such As Posting To Twitter And Facebook.
  • Answer Emails On Behalf Of The Blog.
  • Perform Blog Maintenance Activities Such As Updating Plugins.
  • Write Content For The Blog.
  • Analyze Web Analytics Data To Gauge Content Performance.
  • Manage Split Testing And Other Content Performance Tests.
  • Manage Subscriptions, Syndication, And Email Newsletters.
  • Manage Guest Posting Requests ETC

Please Feel Free To Contact Us As We Are Readily Available To Meet Your Needs. And On That Note, We Look Forward To Working With You Soon.
Many Thanks!