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SALVATION STORY is a major category of the blog; King Solomon’s Mine and it features Ministers of God all around the world, gospel artiste, men and women of faith in general, as they get to share their salvation story in a move to inspire the people out there in the world but not of God.

We believe when they read these stories, they would be touched and their lives would never be the same again. After all, what better story is worth telling if not the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Our mistakes remind us that the past is real and rather than to spend the rest of our glorious lives in regrets, we must endeavour to forgive the past, accept the present and embrace the future if there were to be any chances of rewriting the story and making it an awesome script.

Many have repented from their old ways and given their lives to Christ after so many years of struggle due to wrong choices and seek opportunities to share their stories; the pain, the tears and some even almost took their lives in the process but thanks to God’s divine intervention, they are living testimonies today and that’s why SS was created; a platform that does not judge but celebrate them as their stories does not only at-testify to the mightiness and faithfulness of God but serves as an inspiration to a million others out there who might be going through such awful times and a word of encouragement and a gentle reminder that they are not alone might be all they need to have that transformation their destiny has been longing for.

We are God’s instruments, we live to serve His cause, that’s the salvation of souls.

We welcome you all to this heartfelt project, especially inspired by God to reach out to the lost souls and we pray you are all blessed by it.

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