Rise above the Flaws!

Earlier today, I saw a movie I would consider one of the best Nollywood movies I’ve seen in ages and it wasn’t only worth the while but inspired a thought in me and hope my writing pad does justice as I share a thing or two I picked up while sited there in total satisfaction and for once, respect and optimal regard for the Nigerian movie scene.
I was blown away!
I loved the fact it (The Movie) had well scripted and played out scenes, beautiful clothes, simple but lovely apartments, just a couple veteran actors and above all, it had a message.
The movie had a lot to talk about self belief, confidence and reliance. We can’t go about life limiting ourselves and playing second fiddle when we’ve been clothed to glow in the spotlight. You know? You can move mountains if only you have faith as small as a mustard seed, guess that summarizes it looking from the biblical side of things.
Sometimes, if not all the time, what we need to make the difference is within; just believe!
Many destinies have been truncated by fear.
If it were for the UNKNOWN, it would have been understandable judging from the fact we all struggle with that phase of life. But how do we explain traumas suffered arising from the fear of the KNOWN?
I am fat.
I’m unworthy.
I’m ugly.
Who determines these things really??
Many live through existence with a faulty and unrealistic perception of what beauty is, and so I’m forced to ask, “WHAT IS BEAUTY” because at the end of the day, it defines everything.
Is it the size, a pretty face, a curvy shape, a well carved smile, admirable character, intelligence? What is beauty??
Honestly, I don’t know but I seem to agree with the lead actor as I conclude that beauty is in the discovery of SELF.
Rise above the flaws, YOU ARE MORE!
Stop running from YOURSELF.
Who and what is that person they’ve made you believe you are that’s been eating you up and depriving you of living your best life?
And what if you’re fat? I know some amazing women doing great exploits in the world regardless of their size. Your look shouldn’t be an hinderance to your beautiful future.
Rise above the glitch!
I understand you’re the only woman in your family who has ever been to school and the family thinks you’ll never amount to anything because it’s a men’s world but how do you explain Folorunsho Alakija, a noble and virtuous woman doing exploits in a man’s world?
I know Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Aunty Joke Silver, Linda Ikeji, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Sheryl Sandberg, Mary Barra, and Susan Wojcicki just to mention a few. These are women doing great exploits in and for the society and world they live in despite the demons they’ve had to share their beds with. Oh yea, trust me, we all have a story but the way we choose to tell them is what makes the difference.
Don’t let your race, size, nationality, academical accomplishments, religious background, ethnical beliefs or marital status stifle your growth.
Rise above the fear!
There’s nothing wrong with you. You were beautifully and wonderfully made. Stop asking for more, you’re more than enough.
Come out of the shadows. Live life!
Dream. Be you. Explore.
Make a difference!
This piece is dedicated to the beautiful women out there who are struggling in the discovery of self. I hope this helps find

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