Reflect on your Ordinariness – Kay Magnet

Reflect on your Ordinariness - Kay Magnet

You should take some time to reflect on your ordinariness as a man, as the way up might be the way down, because nothing they last forever.

Life is what you make it. If you want to remain relevant to yourself and the world in which you live in, trust the progress and respect the process.

The same ladder that leads up is the same one that brings you down.

Never despise the days of little beginnings and most importantly, respect those that helped you get up there, because they are the Angels the Lord has sent to you.

Love yourself everyday and resolve each night to thanking God for what an awesome day it was even if you didn’t get a single knock at your door.

Life is not a bed of roses but you can choose carefully what side of the bed you want to wake up to.

Write your own script and leave it to God to be the director of your life movie.

Anything worth loving is worth fighting for, and everything worth fighting for is worth waiting for.

Here I am on this wet Thursday afternoon, reflecting and trusting the process that leads to the place called THERE.

It’s been a long time coming…

The truth is that so much has been invested in the journey to ELSEWHERE and I’m appreciative of everyone that has played a part in the rediscovering of my divine calling, the true essence of my creation and the rebirth of King Solomon’s Mine.

Who am I? I would say I am the prodigal son who has retraced his steps and back at the feet of His mercy, and enthroned in His grace.

I can’t say for a fact how many strokes of His cane I’ve had to be scolded with, but I can say for a fact that each one got me on my kneels, tattooing my way to His heart and I’m indeed happy with the scars.

So I say…

Believe in yourself and let no one and nothing stop you from living. The fact you’re still breathing only shows that you’re still on His pay role.

No one understands His ways but the wait is always worth it eventually.

It only takes but a second for Him to turn the table around. Just make sure you’re well positioned to receive when IT turns to YOU. God bless!

Kay Magnate

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