Reconsider your Options!

I lay in my bed and I wonder what’s the worst that could happen if I gave up on life’s struggles and just lay my cards bare on the table, not minding if the next man has got a joker? You know? That I don’t give hook attitude. After all, it’s my life and I can choose to live it the way I want.
Nonetheless, there’s always a more subtle approach to life’s drama and we are advised to take a chill pill and sleep it out.
I understand life isn’t a bed of roses and you haven’t had the best ride but think of the positives, I can say without a doubt that you’re who you are today because of the hurdles you’ve had to pass through.
You may see yourself as a looser but if you were, you wouldn’t have inspired this piece. I see a warrior in you and the battle isn’t over till you win. As long as there’s life, there’s hope. Keep fighting. Keep pressing on. Hold on. Hold out!
I know you’re fed up and can care less of what tomorrow holds but you’re not permitted to give up. No, not on my watch!
I’m writing today because I want you to reconsider your options. Reconsider your choices and the fact there can’t be solutions without problems. We make mistakes so we can fix them and when they are unrepairable, we leave them in God’s hands who alone can make the impossible, possible.
I understand your frustrations, I have my challenges too. Sometimes I get so angry at God and ask Him some faithless questions just like daddy Job did. It’s okay to do that sometime, don’t be too hard on yourself, that’s why we are human right? If we were perfect, we wouldn’t serve or need a perfect God, would we?
The answer is No and we are so not perfect.
So I ask…
If life gave us all we needed and we all cruised in a phantom Royce Royce, who would drive the buses and take us through traffic on bikes when we are really running late for that life and time changing appointment?
Life is in circles, if it’s not working in your favor today, that’s because it’s not your turn yet but be rest assured that someday it will.
Life is turn by turn, don’t run ahead of your time. It’s dangerous. Wait for your time and while at it, I want you to reconsider trying again because God is about to do a miracle in your life that would override every doctor’s report. I expect tonight to remind you of your honeymoon suite and have Barry White playing in the background because Isaac is about to be made.
I challenge you to reconsider your thoughts.
I know what you’re thinking but you’re not committing suicide. No, not today. Our bridges are not to be jumped over, please use the side walk home and summon courage to look that problem right in the eye and let it know it’s a goner.
There were times I gave up and dusted my hands off life’s issues but grace stood in the gap between life and death and helped me reconsider my options and that’s why I can write this piece today.
The same opportunity I got years back to make the right choice is what I present to you today. Take it!
We don’t give up. We braise up!
We don’t loose hope. We endeavor to coupe.
As I close, I admonish you to reconsider that pregnancy you’re contemplating aborting because if I had someone to help me make the right choice 19 years ago, I would have had a cute son calling me daddy today.
Rise above hate!
Develop a winning mentality!
Aim high & replenish the world!
It’s yours for the taking.

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