‘Pray More’ — “The Power Of Effective Prayers” Series By Apostle Winifred Ugwu Iwunze

You’ll be amazed what praying effectively can achieve for you in such a little time. Sometimes, you might have to pray for a long period of time and yet, it seems God isn’t responding to your cry. The fact you prayed the first time and nothing seems to be happening doesn’t mean it’s a sign that God is dead or unwilling to answer your prayer. Sometimes, God wants you to pray more.
No matter how long you’ve been praying, just keep at it, no prayer is wasted. The more you pray, the more you load your clouds and soon, there would be a/an heaving pour. Establish a personal relationship with your Father in/through prayers. Sometimes, you need to shut down on everything else and just focus on God. Create a personal/quiet time to pray to your Maker.
Don’t get entangled in the activities of men all the time and forget your personal time with God. Those ultimate times you neglect ignorantly are what makes the difference in the life of a Christian. The more quiet times you have through praying, the more victories you’re bound to have. Make time to pray. And when you haven’t gotten the desired answers, pray more and just keep praying, the answers will come.
Apostle Winifred has got more to say about this. And what I love most about my job is the fact that I’m always the first to be blessed by this amazing articles/videos. It’s powerful and as you watch the video, I pray your prayer life will never be the same.
God bless.

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