Pius Adesanmi, Nigeria’s Outspoken Public Intellectual joined the stars

    His twitter bio reads, ‘Teacher’. As simple as the word may seem, he himself was more than just that.
    He was a tireless crusader for a just society for his country men and women.
    Many who seem to have escaped the trap of helplessness Nigerians face everyday when they go settle in Europe and America all too quickly sing praises of joy to God and vow never to return to Nigeria and her existential nightmare.
    But he never did. Even from his comfort in Canada, Nigeria and the Nigerian dilemma occupied his thought and writings.
    I have come to know him through his many writings, articles and tweets. His frequent tweets especially directed at the Nigerian political establishment, tells a lot about his dissatisfaction of the state of the Nation.
    How come Nigerians as people prefer and celebrates mediocrity is a constant reoccurring theme in most of his works.
    He was very quick to shade the country’s political elites who come on twitter to parade themselves as the morally righteous ones, calling them for who they are, telling the hard but compelling truth about their actions and inaction and its consequences on/for Africa’s largest black population.
    His name is PiusAdesanmi, Carleton University’s Professor of Literature and African studies.
    He was among the 149 passengers and 8 crew on board the Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 MAX that crashed on Sunday morning only 6 minutes after taking off into the sky only to land as debris.
    All Human lives on board killed just like that.
    Too many questions left unanswered. Too many whys. How could this be?
    Such an intellectual rising star cut short in his prime.
    The burden of enlightenment, made Prof. Pius travel the continent in the hope that an awaken Africa will one day reclaim her pride amongst nations.
    So who will speak truth to power the way Prof did?
    Who will tell Nigerians to demand for the best the way Prof did?
    Now that Prof. Pius Adesanmi has gone to be with the stars there is no doubt that his message was loud and clear. We can only but count ourselves lucky to have a chance to hear him and hid his warnings…
    A Tribute To Prof. Pius Adesanmi
    By Yekeme ©️King Solomon’s Mine

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