Pay the price; persevere

There is virtually a price for every success in life. This price, however, is a master key that will enable you to unlock all locks, crumble stumbling blocks and open doors of impossibilities. Perseverance is the key, without it, in my own view, you cannot achieve any greatness regardless of your background, status, knowledge, position and influence.
In your quest to get things rolling positively even when life throws blows against you, you must in your own capacity inculcate the habit of being determined towards achieving your (achievable) dreams. Alas, your determination must be cladded with robe of perseverance and ribbon of patience. With this virtue being internalised, you are an undercovered conqueror. You can say it repeatedly, I am a conqueror.
Author’s Bio:
I am Raji Lateef Agbolahan by name. A native of Iwo, Osun State. I was born in Lagos early 1990s. I studied Islamic Studies in the prestigious University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, and graduated in the year 2018. Currently, I’m serving in Taraba State University (TSU).

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