One thing that makes Marriage sweet

    Have you heard from few married couples who told you their experience about marriage, especially those who said marriage is sweet?
    Those who had bad marital experiences are those who would tell you negative things about marriage. But those who got it right are better listened to so that you can know what they did to enjoy their marriage.
    In this article, I will by His grace show you one thing that makes marriage beautiful, sweet and enjoyable. Do you look forward to this kind of marriage?
    But before then, know these…
    Marriage is sweet when you become the RIGHT PERSON, you MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON and you APPLY THE RIGHT PRINCIPLE.
    These are the first things you must get right for your marriage to be sweet. But more important than these is to DISCOVER GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE.
    The beauty of marriage is not in having babies, going for romantic dinners and dates, enjoying sexual intimacy or living the married life; it is in having a purpose and pursuing it. Especially, knowing God’s purpose for your life personally.
    God’s primary purpose for marriage is for the fulfilling of His purpose on earth. Adam knew this purpose and the woman was made for that reason.
    Of what good would your marriage be in that you had babies, had sex when you wanted, lived the couples life, raised children, became parents and then grandparents before you exit this world? Are these all there is to becoming married?
    Men may tag you to be fulfilled but such marriage is a colossal loss to the kingdom of God.
    Other things are secondary in marriage but God’s purpose for your life is the main thing that makes you two experience a sweet marriage.
    The beauty of marriage is in the fulfilling of God’s purpose for your lives and in your marriage. How good will it be for a marriage when the husband and wife pursue the same purpose of God for their lives?
    No wonder He says one would chase a thousand but two would chase ten thousand to flight!
    Is your marriage helping God against the mighty of the land? Is your marriage a threat to the kingdom of darkness? Are you both striving to see the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth or your marriage is just for nothing?
    Dear singles, discover God’s purpose for your life before you seek who to marry. You will marry wrong when you don’t know God’s purpose for your life. One of the easiest ways to know who you should not marry is when you have discovered His purpose for your life.
    It is often said that, “Purpose before partner”. Seek to know God’s purpose for your life before you burden yourself about who to marry.
    Why should you be anxious about getting married when you don’t know why God has created you? Such kind of marriage will be boring, empty, dry and unfulfilling.
    But imagine a kind of marriage where both the husband and wife are pursuing the same purpose of God for their lives. There’s nothing as beautiful as been married to someone who understands God’s purpose for your life and you’re both heading in that direction.
    It’s frustrating to have a call of God upon your life and be married to someone who doesn’t love to be married to men of God. It is unfulfilling when you know why God created you and you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know theirs.
    The Holy Spirit said through Paul that you should not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. An unbeliever isn’t just someone that doesn’t believe in Jesus but someone who doesn’t believe in God’s purpose for your life.
    The major form of compatibility checklist you must have aside knowing if they’re genuine believers in Christ is to ascertain if you two are compatible purpose wise.
    Ladies, never marry a man who hasn’t discovered God’s purpose for his life and he’s fulfilling it. “I will become this, I will become that” is not as important as “I am doing this”, “I have been doing that, which you are very sure of.
    Many firebrand sisters lost their passion for God because they married men who were fire extinguishers.
    Brothers, no matter how gifted and anointed a sister is, don’t marry her if she’s not going to be your help meet. But this would be impossible if you don’t know why God created you.
    Brothers, know why God created you. Sisters, discover God’s purpose for your life. When you marry based on this understanding and you shun third-party influence and wrong principles, your marriage will be successful.
    And no matter the storm, rain and flood; your marriage won’t fail because it was founded upon a rock. Jesus said to Peter, on this rock will I build My church and the gates of hell won’t prevail over it. That rock is understanding (revelation).
    When you two are married based on the understanding of God’s purpose for your lives and you’re mutually pursuing it, your marriage will be sweet, beautiful and enjoyable, no matter the circumstance.
    Marriage is sweet when you sing the same song, with the same tune and key. Marriage is beautiful when you pursue the same thing that drives you both. Marriage is enjoyable when two of you fight your battles together. Marriage is fun when you’re a helper and she’s a help meet.
    Marriage is sweet when you get it right, don’t let anyone pollute your mind or give you a negative mindset about it.
    Do you look forward to having a sweet marriage? Discover God’s purpose for your life now and be fulfilling it.
    © Oluwamayowa Adeniyi | King Solomon’s Mine 2019

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