Omoyiola Lofinmakin

It’s easier to write it out than to voice it out…I have gifted hands and I bless God for that. I am a makeup artist; even though, I prefer to be called a ‘Beauty enhancer’ instead because I believe everyone is beautiful and so I am to enhance that and not change the face in the name of artistry.

I cook well (maybe I should start cooking for business) I make hair, I write, I am a copywriter. God has blessed my hands; anything I lay them on turns to gold.

I write for fun not just because I am a graduate of English language but because I have been challenged severally by the youngest mentor I have who often calls me a ‘lazy writer’.

I am not actually a lazy writer but a calm, patient and quiet writer. Sometimes I write when I have so many things running through my mind and just believe there are two friends that won’t judge me (God and my pen).

I write when I have something to say and I always have something to say. So for the sake of not being judged that I talk too much, I just write them instead cause if I voice out everything in my head then I would be worse than Eddie Murphy in the movie ‘A thousand words’

In this my little corner, I will be writing anything that comes to my head(the helpful ones though)…

I am Omoyiola, welcome to Omoyiola’s space. Thank you and God bless.

IG: Yeeolah
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