My prison experience in Lindela, South Africa


For the first time, I’ve decided to share a story only a few know; my family, let’s just say I’ve finally been able to make peace with it and ready to move on and grab what’s in front of me.

Today I share this very trying time of my life and can only hope you learn a thing or two from it.

In 2015, I wanted a better life for myself, I was tired of struggling, I needed to make a move and all radar was heading towards South Africa, I had a couple of friends who were into internet scam at the time and my mind was made up to explore that world and get rich or die trying.

It was a very frustrating moment in my life, I had been perambulating like the Israelites for too long and finally had to arrive at my promised land, at least that’s what I thought till I found myself locked behind bars, facing possible deportation in a place called Lindela in South Africa.

It’s a refugee camp where people from different nationalities are dumped and treated like animals and I wouldn’t wish my enemy a minute there.

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