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My 2nd book “LIVING TO DIE” is out today. (Happy first birthday to my Dad in heaven!) I’ll also have copies so you can get signed copies personally from me if you’re in Houston and would prefer to do so; rather than ordering online. Online, it’s available from the United States and Canada, to Australia, India, the UK and the rest of Europe.

It will bless you. I talk about death…its inevitability… how it’s affected me and my family in recent months…but most of all, how it is not the end… I really want to thank my hubby @Seyialesh who helped make this endeavor a reality by the grace of God.

I had the privilege of getting this title reviewed prior to its release by my amazing pastor Mrs, Pastor Toun Fadugba, my wonderful bible study teacher, pastor Gbenga Olumuyiwa, my genius music director, minister Jerry T Menson, and my sweet friends and dear sisters-in-Christ Palmira Mmerife and Vanessa Arauz. They will tell you on the very first pages of the signed paperback copies you get from me, what they thought of what I share.

Be blessed in Jesus name.

We are all LIVING TO DIE.


Tomi Favored Alesh

Paperback ISBN 13: 9781733553827
Paperback ISBN 10: 1733553827
E-book ISBN: 9781733553834
E-book ISBN: 1733553835

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