“Whosoever said a straightened hand is better than an healed heart”
It is funny how so many Christians get so excited about a man being raised from the dead, and are unmoved when they see a soul or multitudes of souls saved. Don’t get me wrong this miracles are splendid, as they are the manifestation of God’s greatness and His power but what shows this manifestation the more is the drawing of lost souls from the kingdom of darkness. I mean even the bible says it that the angel of the Lord rejoice when one soul is saved (Luke 15: 10).
Why is that? Why is God so bothered about delivering our souls. There is just one answer, that is Love, God’s Love.
God so loved us that He gave His own son to come to the earth to be ridiculed and then killed just to save us (John 3:16). What manner of love is that?. His Love is Indescribable, It cannot be fathomed by human understanding and guess what all he longs for in return is one simple task and that is to Love Him. Just Love Him.
How can we do that? Simple! Give yourself to Him, Trust Him, Obey Him and above all do what He Loves the most… bringing other Lost souls to Him. You don’t have to be a preacher or an evangelist to do that, all you just have to do is Love Him.

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