Living life as a Christian

I feel Sad, Life is hard but we are told not to say that because from scriptures we are told the just shall live by Faith. Hab 2:4
We fill depressed and sad but we are told we shouldn’t because the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Neh 8:10
We ask For things, things are not going the way we planned but we are obliged to see things that be not has though they were. Rom 4:17
All these things are easier said than done. We know but honestly, Life has a christian is meant to be easier than that of unbelievers. Not because we are perfect or we live a righteous life or that we are better than others but because we now have some one we can depend on.
Now we don’t have to face the world alone, we don’t have to face issue or challenges alone and Now we definitely have someone we can share our fears to so.
When the bible says the Just shall live by faith it means we are believing in Him which also empowers Him to act on our behave.Matt 17:20
When we hear things like the joy of the Lord is our strength is not because we are not permitted to be sad but because being in His presence and dwelling with Him gives us a peace that can not be replaced by anything else. 1 Chor 16:27
And Finally When we see in the scriptures that we should see things that be not has though they were it means we should not be bothered about our present predicament but we should focus solely on Him to bring our desires to reality. Luke 12:24
With this understanding, am sure you realize that life as a christian is definitely worth living.

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