Let’s go back to the Beginning!

It’s been a while I wrote a piece and I must apologize. Truth is, I want to write on a daily but my job gives me a hell of a headache and I get home late at night and just crash.
The things we put ourselves through to make a living and I just really wonder what sort of boss I’ll be when I eventually start off my own company.
Riding through traffic with tempers flaring, I remember what my dad use to tell me back then as a kid and I look to the heaven and thank him because those words still makes the difference today. To lead, you must first follow, guess that’s the secret to the smiles behind the frown.
I seem to be doing pretty awesome with work and life’s requirements except for the fact that I struggle with taking people’s bullshit and sometimes, I just wanna shut down and hit the reset button and hope I can somehow get myself back to the days I had better choices and didn’t have to work for a soul to make ends meet.
Proud of myself though. I’m doing what needs to be done to get to where I need to be. It’s a price we all have to pay, right??
I’m lost in the man that I’ve become. I used to be an extremely proud dude with a lot of anger problems but I can say it for free that I’m a better version of myself. Christ has indeed done a great work helping shed off the nasty and irritating attitudes I share my ‘kicks’ with, which is awesome by the way. However, I feel I’m constantly been taken for granted for being a good guy and sometimes long for a walk in my old shoes.
Who am I?
I’m a man with many faces and my life is in different phases. I’m lost in the man I’ve become, searching for glory in the life that I live. We all pay our dues at some point and I believe I’ve over paid mine. Can I just go to sleep for a night, not having to worry about tomorrow?
More money, more problem.
No money, no respect and a bag load of insults.
We move from job to job, city to city seeking better opportunities, forgetting greatness comes with its demons. Life is like a malware threat on our files, we are constantly reminded to thread softly or crash.
I wish I could go back to the beginning when I was born into this beautiful and yet sinful world, when the doctor announced my arrival, I would give just about anything to be dedicated to God and for His use only, without a razor ever traveling through my hair. Samuel was a great man and I can be greater considering I’ve got swag and a blog to proclaim God’s awesomeness.
A lot of mistakes and recreation were done the day we were born and I know for sure that many people’s problem can be traced back to the day their placenta was cut. For many, it was the happiest day of their lives which naturally should, but to some, it’s been their worst nightmare and until God stands in the gap to redeem that which has been lost manipulatively, there’s bound to be a continuous cry in the hearts of the afflicted.
Lord, take control. We need deliverance!

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