Let them love Mathematics

One question I have received from people these past months is quite interesting and it is “Why are students so afraid of mathematics?”. However, I think the question should be “why are the older ones making the younger generation believe that mathematics is a useless and difficult course?”
Think about it in this light…!!
You are the ones that configured our belief system to accept that mathematics is difficult, you discouraged us so much that at the sound of it, chills run down our spine…Yes we are afraid of it and you will ask how you are the cause right?
You polluted our mindset so much that we think giving it a try is not worth it. We fret at the sound of MATHEMATICS, like it is a thunder storm. Ask a group of students which teacher they hate most and more than 70% will say it’s their maths teacher. Why has this come to be?
We hate our teachers for nothing, we look with disdain at them. We do not pay attention in class, we never attempt to even do the assignments. All because we heard the older ones say mathematics is difficult.
Yes you were not talking to us, you did not necessarily sit us down to tell us; but we heard the conversations you had with your friends, we heard you cry and curse your mathematics teacher each time you got spanked for not ‘attempting’ to do your assignments.
We were little, we never wanted to consciously keep those memories, we never consciously took them to heart. Nevertheless, ‘our unconscious little minds sold us out’; we do not blame it, it was just doing its work.
Now we go to school and we somehow remember those memories. So even before the teacher says anything, we conclude in our minds that we can’t do it, its just too difficult.
It is not our fault that we hate maths, It is a generational issue. Our Minds have been polluted and our Interests killed.
Stop Polluting the minds of those young ones.
They might just be our next Isaac Newton, Euler Leonhard, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Albert Einstein, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Chike Obi etc. The world is greatly in need of them.
Because of a truth, believe me or not, Life and its whole existence is rooted in Mathematics.

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