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When My Pen Bleed

Souls are guaranteed to be liberated and joyful when my pen bleeds; this isn’t a question of how I intend doing it but a matter of when He (God) needs me to get it done, and it’s done!

My pen points no accusing fingers at Muslims, pagans and even the idol worshippers because I believe we were all created by the same God and for a special purpose that the world wouldn’t be complete without.

My past greatly inspires my writings as our scars remind us that the past is real and what better teachers are there if not our mistakes.

Sadly, I’ve made terrible decisions in life that affected my growth and output as a youth but amazingly, these setbacks and what many would see as regrets are now helping to shape others and help them make better choices because I refused to give up on myself and chose to learn from my mistakes and move on from them, rather than allowing them to define who I am.

I’m a work in progress and so are you. And together with the bleeding of my pen and what inspiration brings to the table, I hope to create a better living atmosphere, where we no longer have to look back in regrets but forging forward, knowing that everything eventually works for the good of those that God.

We are His representatives on earth and we have no business living life hopelessly because He gave us the charge to replenish the world and reign over all He has created.

It’s okay to miss a couple turns, God allows shortcuts and I hope with my pen and the help of the Holy Spirit, I can get you back on track before the race is out.

I am Solomon Kolawole Falaiye (Kay Magnate) a Christian, a Writer, a Blogger and a Motivational Speaker. I hail from Ondo state in the western part of Nigeria, Akure to be precise.

I love to read and write, go swimming, engage in intellectual conversations, listen to music and see a lot of movies.

In the last years, I’ve contributed to so many blogs/website and also worked as a contributor to The Guardian Newspaper.

When my pen bleeds, it percolates with the truth.

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