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King Solomon’s Mine houses a series of amazing pages and categories and ‘I Testify’ happens to embody a major essence of the project, as we are nothing without thanksgiving. When we ‘Testify’, we are as well just saying ‘Thank you, Lord’.

We must learn to appreciate God, for who He is, what He has done in our lives… And acknowledge Him for who He is.

God operates in an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving. He who remembers to say thank you for today lives to receive tomorrow.

Thanksgiving and praise hold the key that opens the blessings of heaven. If a heart is not grateful, you will see an ingrate. But if you see a heart that is grateful, it shows in the actions of that person. Show me a man that is grateful to God and I will show you a man with gratitude.

King Solomon’s Mine is all about the salvation of our soul, testimonies, godly steps and instructions to living a healthy, worthy and blameless lives as children of God.

Without looking back, we lose a glimpse of the future. We must never forget to give glory to the deserver of it all; God Almighty for all we’ve been through, all He’s doing and shall continue to do. He’s indeed faithful!

I Testify provides that opportunity to showcase our gratitude in a more explicit and outstanding way, as King Solomon’s Mine welcomes testimonies from every work of life, gender, age and nationality.

We are one world, one people and one voice. So… Count your blessings and name them one by one.


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