Imperfections to perfection

“We out of all the creation of the world became his priceless possessions.” – James 1: 18b
Have you ever wonder why God chose us to be His children, to dominate the world to triumph over the kingdom of darkness, to reign over the earth? We out of all His creations.
Do you really think we deserve it?
We the most volatile of all creation, we the most selfish being who only think of ourselves and hardly think of how our speech or actions will affect those around us.
We that can do anything for power to dominate each other when we are meant to dominate the earth and the things in it.
We that will go at any length because of our unquenchable thirst for money. Even when He asked us not to bother about it.
So yet again I ask why do you think we are more favoured and more worthy than all of the other creatures He made?
Think about it……
We are not!!… He just choose to pour His love and grace upon us, not because we are perfect but because He loves us.
So anytime you feel unworthy of God’s Love remember that; “He Choose to Love You In Your Imperfections and Accepting Him as well as Dwelling in Him Turn Your Imperfections To Perfection.”
Author’s Bio:
Oke Oluwatamilore is a self motivated and passionate person who seeks for medium to enhance her knowledge and growth. She has a Masters degree in Architecture and pursuing her career in it. She finds writing has a medium to express herself along side other things. She loves reading, watching movies and listening to music in her spare time.

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