I am Gbenga Oke, this is my salvation story

“Before I accepted Jesus, I was a drunk,  smoker and immorality was the order of the day even though I was singing in church but now, everything has changed” – Gbenga Oke
My name Is Gbenga Oke. I am from Osun State, Nigeria but was born in Abeokuta, Ogun state. I am a music minister, worship leader and band leader. I am the 5th of 6 children.
Growing up in the early 80’s was fun for me, my dad was a CAC pastor and my mum sings, so we were always in church.
I liked football and played it a lot right from primary school, to secondary school and the University.
I studied mass communication at Ogun State  University also called (OOU),  left in 2005 and proceeded to Lagos State University  where I later bagged my degree in English language.
I had started singing at about age 5 in the children’s choir and graduated to the adult choir few years after. Although I was singing but I wasn’t born again until the year 2001, 14th January. The preacher began to preach and I wept immensely and went out to surrender to Jesus Christ.
I had gone to meet a girlfriend at that church but Jesus arrested me there. He began to use me differently and mightily in the choir. He helped me to write songs like I never use to and some of those songs like “Yesu Afayo”, “I Have A Big God” “chukwunemenma” are blessing the world today with testimonies following.
I became a voice for the master in the music ministry and God began to show me things to come. After I gave my life to Jesus, I realised I began to be bold like never before.
I remember while in school,  some cultists approached me to come join them but I refused vehemently telling them I am a child of God and cannot be a part of the devil’s camp.
I thank God for the Salvation of my soul however, there have been challenges like Jesus promised us. He said “Come unto me all ye that labour and I will give you rest”…Every challenge has a solution in God’s word so I always trust God for a way out no matter the storm.
Problems could come in finance, health,  family, studies, business, career e.t.c but God’s promises will never fail.
Before I accepted Jesus, I was a drunk,  smoker and immorality was the order of the day even though I was singing in church but now, everything has changed. So, I encourage someone out there, come to Jesus today, He has the solution to all your worries, temptations and trials. Accept Him today and He will bring you out.
Gbenga Oke ft Ada – Big God: https://www.google.com/amp/s/topnaija.ng/download-gbenga-oke-big-god/amp/
Gbenga Oke ft Onos – Mighty One God: https://youtu.be/YEgQgzkEGSI
Gbenga Oke – Blessings Follow Me: https://youtu.be/XTMCoazd4Sc
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