I Am Boma Harry, this is my salvation story

Because I grew up knowing who God was, I never really had that specific moment where there was a remarkable turn over to Christ from evil ways”Boma Harry
My name is Boma Harry, and I’m a professional journalist from Rivers state, currently managing a food and beverage company called ‘’Manna the Health Bar & Shop’’. While working on my musical career on the side. We produce confectioneries (like whole wheat bread), offer catering services  and nutritional counseling to people with health challenges.
I am the second child of four children. Most of my early childhood days was in Warri, as a child, I loved writing stories which I read aloud for my siblings. My first story was ‘The Duck and her Ducklings”.
Asides telling stories, I loved to sing and my parents ensured I was part of the choir at my home church, including my three sisters. This gradually helped to build my confidence as from time to time I took lead roles and went on to form a group with my sisters ‘Harry Angels’ ministering in churches, weddings and parties.
Being nurtured by two educated parents- my mum an educator turned business woman and my dad a mechanical Engineer- I was privileged with very good education. My strength in the arts influenced my decision to pursue like courses.
In 2006, I obtained a Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Jos Gangere Campus, later in 2010, a BA in Media Studies form the University of Swansea Wales United Kingdom.
Late 2010 I returned to Nigeria and commenced my National Youth Service program, working as an external relations officer at Nigeria LNG.
Thereafter, I began to test the waters in music composition and production, in 2012 I collaborated with a friend, Brown Asusi-Allwellbrown who produced my first Christmas single ‘Born in a Manger’ and first album ‘Parchment’. Later on, in collaboration with my three sisters, I released two Christmas singles produced by Wole Oni with the group name ‘D Harry’s.
I grew up in a Christian home, my dad was an elder in church, at some point a church leader and currently a Deacon. For my mum, she was very devoted to missions and preaching at assembly grounds of different secondary schools including my school, this alone made me always remember that people were watching my every move in school, so if I lied my friends would say ‘ah you just Lied and your mum is a preacher’.
So I knew I had to always have a good image to protect my mum’s image, this also made me not get into trouble in school. In general, my parents were both strict in bringing us up, the most important thing that they made us adhere to was sticking to our faith at all times, not compromising on our godly principles even for billions of dollars, and always standing or fighting for the truth at all times.
Regardless of our strict upbringing, my sisters and I had many fun mischievous moments, my parents in their different ways and at different times tried their best to ensure that we learnt a particular skill or craft asides just being the best students in school. I remember one time in primary school my mum told my sisters and I, that one of us must be an Olympic champion in future and for that reason, after school she will make us go for a swim at Ogunu Club in Warri, little did she know that instead of training with our coach we will just play in the water and frustrate the coach, it was only on the days she followed us to the pool that we took our swimming classes seriously.
As for my dad, apart from the fact that he was very technology inclined and very knowledgeable, he loved music and at some point got a piano tutor for my sisters and I, who taught us twice a week.
For us, this was just a burden and during those piano classes instead of focusing we would play or never concentrate and since we were four girls, we would corporate so well and never learn much in class. There was a particular period when we just got tired of the piano lesson, and coincidentally my parents traveled; my sisters and I refused to let the piano teacher come into our house to coach us, he stayed outside for hours ringing our door bell and we just stayed quiet in the house, watching him from the window…..lol.. oh well the guy got frustrated and left.
We were happy because we felt he will never come back, and off course we all decided to make up a disappearing story to our parents on their return. But unfortunately, the day my parents returned our piano lesson teacher came to visit and reported what we did to our parents, telling them he saw us from our house curtain hiding and refusing to open the door. I’m sure you can tell what my parents did to us…lol…the penalties of mischief.
My sisters and I were allowed to travel and spend holidays with friends, and extend family members. We were never caged, spoilt or prevented from doing the normal things children, and teenagers do. Those were fun times.
Because I grew up knowing who God was, I never really had that specific moment were there was a remarkable turn over to Christ from evil ways LOL. But I remember there were times I came out for alter calls, to repent and accept Christ in my life, one of those occasions, was when I used to fight a lot (get physical in an argument) and after that I will feel bad. Then sometime in 2003, I remember going out for an alter call, and asking God to help me stop fighting whether I was right or not…lol.
Thereafter, I can confidently say I never fought with anyone. If I had issues with someone I could argue without getting physical. It also became easy to forgive and forget; there was no room for malice.
I am an ambassador for Christ. Honestly, the journey has not been easy. There have been occasions where I should have been vocal about my faith, but I wasn’t.
Lately, my prayer has been for God to help me always to be bold to preach about Christ in any situation. Also to show me how to do it; in a way that people will be receptive.
Like I said earlier, I always knew and acknowledge God in my life, so my advice to people in my situation is don’t get too comfortable with being fortunate in knowing God, because the bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:12 ‘’Therefore, let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall’’, meaning that as long as we are Christians, we should always endeavor to be in right standing with God; that can only be achieved by always studying the bible, and having the right circle of Christian friends.
Thank you Kay Magnate & King Solomon’s Mine for the opportunity. God bless!
Download ‘Fall Down’ By Boma: http://net.kingsolomonsmine.com.ng/kay-music-10
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