I am Beautiful Onks, this is my salvation story

Marriage has gotten a new definition to the extent that I am enjoying serving God in my single-hood. There’s no pressure and fear of a ticking clock. He that promised is faithful and is not a man to lie” – Beautiful Onks
My name is Onkabetse Mbanga aka Beautiful Onks. I am a woman in God, the beloved of the Lord. He is my master and everything to me. I am an Ordained Pastor at Ever Living Word Ministries In Jwaneng Botswana under the leadership of Apostle Thato Godisamang. 
Professionally, I am a media and communication specialist and a gifted creative writer, singer and Photographer. I have a business consultancy firm, I do freelance media work and developing my own hair and beauty product range.
Onkabetse is just a lover of people because the love of God is shed abroad her heart. I enjoy to see people laugh and be joyful.
I was born and raised in a diamond Mining town called Jwaneng, located in the southern part of Botswana in Southern Africa. Being the 3rd child, I enjoyed being the last born until my twin brothers were born but am still my Father’s baby girl. I am blessed to have such a family, full of love and laughter. 
Having been raised by both parents gave me security and perspective of what being a family is all about. My childhood was so overprotected that I didn’t go out to play much or even visit other relatives without my mum or dad, so I was and still a bookworm and watched a lot of cartoons. 
My family was not wealthy, only my dad was employed and my mum was both the home maker and ran different small businesses which were a way of helping my father cope with raising 5 kids and building houses for future use.
I went to school first time at 7years to do standard 1 and it was such a new environment for me and it was hard. I was the subject of teasing by other kids. It was either they spoke about my looks or teased me about being a good student. The teasing got even worse when I started wearing spectacles at age 13. 
I was just a nerdy kind of kid, loved to read or watch tv and kept to myself a lot and at school, I was involved in Maths and science clubs, debate society and I even got a prize for best Science student.
I remember as a little girl, I used to go to sunday school and I did not like or enjoy it. The teachers always had something bad to say or tease me about in front of the whole Sunday school class so that just added salt to an open wound from the teasing at primary school. It got to a point where my self esteem got affected and I refused going for Sunday school ever since. 
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I stopped going to church when I was in Form 1 at junior secondary school. My older brother and I would wake up early and will put all our proper clothes in water and claim to be doing laundry or pretend to be sick so we could dodge church. Church had become a boring place of long sermons, loveless smiles, pretence and holier than thou people who had double personalities so I preferred to watch sermons on TV than go to church and soon my parents gave up on beating us or forcing us to go.
I was a good student, I passed my Junior Secondary school and moved to a different city, Francistown, to do my 2years of Senior Secondary school. I was away from Home first time and experienced challenges but I managed to pull through. It was then again I started going to church all by myself and that’s when God called me to ministry but I had many desires of what I wanted to be when growing up. 
One morning, it will be doctor, the next lawyer then teacher, it was a non stop change. So after I finished my senior secondary school in 2006, I had applied to study Psychology in South Africa but something funny happened, out of the blue I bumped into a boy crush and friend of mine from Primary school who took transfer to another town just when we started our form 1, I hadn’t seen him for 5years.
We were both now 19years old and we decided to apply to study at the same place which was Limkokwing University of Technology in Malaysia and August 2007, we left for a land unknown and this turned out to be the Craziest decision of my life because little did I know the relationship will end in about 8months of landing in Malaysia and it would leave me with a rollercoaster of emotions but God being the master planner He is, I encountered Him in my room alone one evening and I changed inside out that by the time the relationship ended, I was going to church and trusting God. It really hurt but He kept me sane and healed me.
Malaysia was and is still a beautiful country. However, since I grew up as a person who enjoyed being home, I didn’t have the desire to go partying, clubbing or drinking so my fun was going out to eat, movies and traveling but my weekends were spent at church. I lost many friends then because I had changed in the opposite direction to how they lived their lives. 
University wasn’t hard but I was playful. I didn’t like the course I chose as it wasn’t my passion but what I saw myself doing when I was younger. 
Now, fast forward to 2011, I graduated with a BA in Mass communication from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. I came back to Botswana, my country and Home to find a new struggle waiting for me which was figuring out which church to go to. 
had encountered God out of the country and got back to find the churches there were totally different from what I had gotten used to, so it was a struggle till I landed at ActsChurch, where I gained confidence to sing in front of people and even joined the Praise team. The rest became history after I realized I could sing and gained confidence to do it despite the taunts I had gotten when younger when I tried to sing in public. 
I recently just remembered that the Gift to sing and do Prophetic Worship was imparted on me by a Prophetess of God over 3years of her laying hands on me when I was in Malaysia. 
The other challenge was high levels of unemployment. The beautiful thing about my country is that the goverment gives education a priority and sponsor students to universities all over the world so there is a high level of educated graduates looking for jobs but failing to get them. 
The first 3 years after graduation, I was doing part-time jobs, internships and just involved in community work. During that time, I also registered my company Boleh House Enterprises which remained dormant until this fateful year when the Lord gave me an Idea to pursue. I got trained in NGO fundraising and developed a skill of marketing and networking.
Salvation story
It’s amazing how God deals with our hearts. I have always known I am called, I had received the same Prophetic word in 2008 which spoke of the call of God over my life and how He wants to use me as His mouthpiece all over the world and He also spoke to me personally but because I had such a toxic view of myself and didn’t believe God could call or even use someone like me and especially a woman who had gone through so many hurts and was the first in her nuclear family to be called into ministry.
In 2014, I relocated back to my Home town  where God had set me up with Himself. I found a church and a home at Everliving Word Ministries where I joined the Praise and worship and Media team and God groomed me in Prophetic Worship and I would preach sometimes by order of my Apostle.
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However, I still wasn’t ready to accept the call of God, I wanted to do things my own way but lo and behold in the month of October 2017, I got ordained Pastor at my church EverLiving Word Ministries, this is a testimony because I gave God a condition. 
At age 27, I told God I wanted to be married first and with my business growing before I got into ministry and I gave Him a deadline of 3years, I bet He laughed at me because from then He worked on my perspectives of being a called-woman and relationships so much so that at 29 years, 6months before my 30th birthday, He had worked on my heart to a point that I said Yes Lord even though I was still single, with my business plans still dormant.
To me, it’s a tesimony that God is our Father, yet patient with us and He’s able to turn whatever you give and surrender to Him to a masterpiece. He has taught me that He is wisdom all by Himself and knows all things, so I am excited to see what the future holds.
Marriage has gotten a new definition to the extent that I am enjoying serving God in my single-hood. There’s no pressure and fear of a ticking clock. He that promised is faithful and is not a man to lie.
In closing, I would say I am Beautiful Onks, a young lady with a heart for women, youths and to empower others to do business. God healed my heart, I am confident, assertive, optimistic, funny, bold and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am the Beloved of the Lord, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
God gave me boldness to be who He says I am without apologising for it. I love to train and teach women and girls to be authentic, to know their worth, to be whole before entering relationships, to understand they are masterpieces, how to use their creativity to do business, help them through the process of healing from past hurts, sexual abuse, broken marriages and to be Christ-minded.
I usually teach on relationships as I speak from experience when I say God is more than able to heal anything even if you afflicted the brokenness on yourself.
He is Love all by Himself. And that is my salvation story, from brokenness to wholeness. Hallelujah

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