God’s Appointed Time (GAT)

Happy children’s day! This is the day the Lord has made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it. I pray for all the children out there, may you fulfill your destiny and never miss out on God’s timing for your life.
With that said, that leads us to the topic of today’s inspiration – God’s appointed time!
You know, there’s such a time as ‘GAT’ and many Christians pray and pray and finally when the answers come, they fumble. I mean, personally, I’ve been caught in that web so many times and I only pray for God’s mercy.
What’s GAT? It’s that time for the manifestation of God’s power concerning our request and life. We can pray for days, months and even years without results. That doesn’t necessarily mean our prayers hasn’t been answered. As a matter of fact, often times, it has, the only reason we haven’t seen the physical manifestation of the answer is because it’s not the appointed time yet.
If I’m not mistaking, the reason why there’s such a thing as ‘GAT’ is because we are not totally ripe for the answer we seek through praying, fasting and our services to God. God will not give you a tractor to weed the grass unless you’re good with the cutlass and He’s sure you can handle and maintain it. It’s not enough to just ask, how prepared are you for the answer?
Sometimes, it’s because of our spiritual immaturity that God delays the manifestation of our answers. For instance, how many of you can handle it if you were told your child would die due to the cold weather in that country you so desire to relocate to? And so, God delays the answer to your visa request till your child is old enough to withstand the climate change and then you feel God is dead. Many are times when God withholds the truth from us because we are too emotional about things. If you were told your father is the one that cursed you and you can’t make a head way in life till he dies, how would you handle it?
But then, there’s such a thing as God’s appointed time because while you’re going through all those prison experiences, while your prayers has been answered but waiting for the physical manifestation, God is working tirelessly to fix things and prepare you either for that nerve wrecking news, and if you’re lucky enough and not swimming that ocean, He’s probably just preparing you for that mansion because you’ve spent your whole life living in a one room apartment and He has to be sure you won’t take your clothes out to wash in the pool.
Our exposure both physical and spiritually often times determines how quick we are bound to leave the dungeon and start experiencing the mountain experiences.
You know? There were times my appointed time came and that’s when I would see a sexy lady with a round ass and have the finest lines a brother can come up with and there’s no going back till I get underneath her clothes. At the time, I would feel like a bad sharp guy, little did I know I was the most stupid of them all and she’s only a mission to truncate God’s plan for my life. All the nights of praying and fasting, all gone because I was too ignorant and insensitive to unravel the devil’s plans and just went along till I scored a goal that will never win me a medal as the most valuable player.
The truth is hard they say but that my brother was going back to square one and that will never be our portion anymore.
There’s such a thing as God’s appointed time and unlike me, yours might not be a trap set through sex/women. It may be money, fame, power, even promotion, etc. The devil uses what we love most to take what we desire most. So I admonish, please be careful and very sensitive, and prayerfully cross that hurdle the devil has placed to disrupt your journey. It’s a trick! Admire her if she’s a pretty one and go your way. She’s got nothing to offer but cause you pain and regrets.
Money is good but only when it comes from the Lord. I know you wanna be president, I want to as well, but no height is worth attaining if it’s not the Lord taking you there. I say it for free, you’ll eventually fall even if you get up there. I know great men of God who did great miracles and had fame like the Beatles but where are they today?
As I close, I beg you from the bottom of my heart, DON’T MISS OUT ON GOD’S APPOINTED TIME FOR YOUR LIFE, because if you do, it might take another decade to get back into God’s plan and that I pray wouldn’t be your portion. Amen
Think twice before you roll those dice!

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