‘God My Father, Not My Farmer’ — “The Power Of Effective Prayers” Series By Apostle Winifred Ugwu Iwunze

We expect so much from God, yet God expects so much from us. He is not an ATM machine we keep going to get money from, neither is He a farmer. Even an ATM machine is been serviced to serve its purpose. But literally, we don’t even care what sustains those love, care, provisions, even victories we get, we just want them to keep coming and not ready to do the work.
It’s simple, we have to pray. That’s our best bet to commune with our Father. Live a pure and honest life and with prayers, make your supplications known. Prayer is the key, it unlocks the blessings that has been readily given to us on the communion table.
Pray your way to victory.
And never stop praying.


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