God is on the side of man

When the word of God tells you not to sleep with someone else’s husband or wife, or to someone you are not married to, or with the same sex as yourself.
It is not to punish you or to limit you or harm you. It is for your good.
God is on the side of man. I wish I could write that a thousand times. His commandments are not hurtful or grievous. They are to help you.
Do you know that if animals had a little more sense, they will conduct marriages too? They simply do not have that much sense.
If you sleep with Bimpe today and Janet tomorrow and with Ada next tomorrow; or with George today, Tunde tomorrow etc, do you think you are actually behaving like a human being?
No please. You are conducting yourself like an animal. The quality of human life is such that male and female created He them. Adam and Eve. Not Adams and Eve. Not Adam and Eves. Not Adam and Steve. Not Adanma and Eve. No.
Adam and Eve.
One man. One woman. For life. And in those days, they lived for hundreds of years. 900 plus years with one woman. Commitment. Strength. Faithfulness. Loyalty.
Ability to keep your konji under your common sense. That was man. And that was woman. Oh you think I don’t know about konji? I do! I also know about ogbon, uche, good sense, sapience, spirit, gumption, virtue, spiritual sense. Yes!
You see grown women discussing ‘konji’ and ‘giving head’ on social media and lol-ling about it.
You don’t know that secondary schools have it too? Awon SS1, JSS3 and even younger. They discuss konji excitedly. You too are discussing it.
No shame. Were Carolus Linnaeus and Charles Darwin were therefore right to call humans animals? Just higher? Higher animals. Agbaya animals. Educated prostitudes [sic].
Please keep quiet. Using the f word and being loose tongued is not a sign of maturity or freedom. It is depravity. You are a man. You are a woman. Not an animal. Not even a higher animal. A Benz is not a higher keke napep.
You can live through 15+ years of adult singleness without doing animal stuff, and through 60+ years of marriage faithful to your spouse in thought and word and deed.
It is not about being a pastor or a mentor or life coach. It is about being a man. It is about being a woman. It is about being the human being God created you to be.
This is why Jesus came. To show you that God is on your side. And that His word
Is for your good.

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