Go tell it on the mountain!

Go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. Go, tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Such an amazing song, one which the Lord kept in my spirit and I’ll preach the gospel to the end of the earth, so help me God.
I remember back in year 2013, I was waxing really strong for the Lord. I had just given my life to Him a year before and stumbled a couple times within the year but somehow I found my way to the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, the New Jerusalem Parish where I would say it all started for me, spiritually that is.
I would wake up on Monday mornings and head on to church for a general sanitation all by myself. I would sweep the whole church, mop and arrange the chairs till I’m totally exhausted and fall to my knees and pray to God.
This continued till my friend, now brother’s wife joined me and we both did it till we swept our ways to the Lord’s heart.
These were amazing times in my Christian race and really wish I could bring that back but forward ever, backward never, right?? So guess I’m just aiming for better days, not the good old days. Wink!
It was barely a year of dedicated services in the Lord’s vineyard and I was made a youth executive, the Editor-In-Chief to be precise and I believe I gave my own little contribution to the Lord’s work and hope it counts for me someday.
Back then, I belonged to three major departments in the church, and on Mondays when I’m not cleaning, I’m in church on Sunday helping out in the media section and Saturdays, I’m evangelizing. I gave my all to the Lord and He surprised me, giving me beauty for ashes.
Why am I saying all these you might ask?
Well, let’s just say it hasn’t been the best couple of years for me as a Christian, given the fact that I’ve been kinda stagnant in my spiritual growth. I can’t remember the last time I moved a muscle for the Lord in His vineyard and even though I still live according to His commandments, pray a good one, fast and speak in the Holy Ghost, I completely feel lost and empty because I have no service for the Lord.
Oh yeah, I write everyday and reach out to the lost souls using my blog but that doesn’t cut it. When was the last time I walked up to someone and preached the good news?? If really I’m blessed with the Word, why not go ahead to teach it to the young lads in the Sunday school who so need the Word of God engraved to their skins and bone marrow??
I heard that song so loud and clear in my mum’s sitting room in the night of December of 2018 when I went home to spend the holidays with her and ever since, I’ve been trying to get back to full service to the Lord but it’s been a struggle.
Lord, we need your help and I speak for as many that have missed their way and need to get back quickly riding on the Lord’s wagon. We’ve been called to occupy till He comes, that’s what we’ve been commissioned to do as Christians and it’s not just enough to be a regular at church services but we have a lot to do to appropriate the Lord’s work.
The church is calling out to and for us today. We are the church and not the walls and pretty lintels. We need to go on the mountains and the hills and tell it everywhere that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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