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Exclusively Mine has been specially created to give other writers, both renowned and the upcoming a chance to showcase their works.

Two heads they say are better than one and what joy it is to have our audience read from a different perspective.

We all have something to say, some just have better ways of delivering it and that’s what King Solomon’s Mine does; give you an opportunity to explore the beautiful minds of our carefully selected and outstanding writers. You are up for a great time.

Many of these authors, by the way, have their own blogs which are beautiful, while a few percentage of them are upcoming and need a platform to showcase their works and that above many other reasons is the essence Exclusively Mine was created to support undying aspirations, giving them a voice to be heard.

Showcasing on this platform will be some of our international and local contributors such as Leah Davies, M.Ed, Janet Boynes, Dr Tony L. Warrick, Oladoyin Foluke Phillips (OTP), Presh, Grecelda Hobson, Victor Ibitoye, Ayandola Ayanleke (Ayandola’s Pen), Thoughts, Ebele UzoPeters, Uju Okorie and many more.

With King Solomon’s Mine, you’re up for a blast, as the category promises to be explosive and you can as well all sit back and enjoy the ride.

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