Entangled Again?

    With tears soaked in her eyelid, dropping like water droplets from the faucet, she sobbed bitterly like a child because she had just done that thing which she promised herself never to do again. Kemi had been addicted to masturbation ever since she was introduced to sex by her uncle at her tender age; for fear instilled into her, she couldn’t let it out to anyone and the only way to ease this urge when it comes now that she is an adult is to slide her hands into her sacred zone to ease herself when it comes.
    Just like Apostle Paul, she cried, ‘’Who shall deliver me from this body of sin?’’
    One of the most difficult thing to come out from is when a man is entangled with a sinful habit or an addiction; it is pleasurable to start with but difficult to overcome. A sober heart will be gripped with the torment of guilt and condemnation. It is this kind of people that the devil feeds with the thought of, ‘’God cannot use you again’’, ‘’You have failed’’, ‘’God will replace you’’, ‘’You have fallen into what you preach to others, you’re no more useful and worthy’’. Will a loving Father castaway a truly sober soul who became helpless when the passion of sin comes?
    Oftentimes when you fall into sin, you hardly can remember His comforting words written by His servants, the prophets. Micah said, ‘’Rejoice not against me, O my enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light to me’’ (Micah 7:8). Was that a license to continue in sin? No! One of the devil’s strategy when you are entangled with a yoke of bondage is that he fills your ears with the words of discouragement, guilt and condemnation; if you listen to him, you might end up giving up on God, become unrepentant or commit suicide.
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    But the truth is that God has made provision for your freedom. Trying to help yourself in sin is like an ant struggling to come out of the spider’s web; it will never, no matter how often it struggles. The way out of every entanglement is to come to Jesus. I know you have confessed and promised not to sin anymore but you still find yourself rising and falling. There’s hope!
    There’s a provision of grace for every difficult sin or sinner once you are ready to discontinue such lifestyle. You cannot continue in sin that grace may abound, no, you must come to the feet of Jesus and this is how.
    You cannot overcome a negative situation with a negative mindset, you need to stir up a positive mindset in you to defeat your negative situation. Thoughts of condemnation are Satan’s subtle way of getting you remain in sin so that your will feel helpless and give up on God. Do you know that there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who walked not according to the flesh but the Spirit?
    That sin you committed was done in the past. Even if it is just now, it is already passed. Take note of the word ‘now’. Now that you are truly sober and have confessed your sin to God, there is no condemnation for you. Rise up with this victory mindset and claim the victory that Christ has purchased for you on the Cross. Jesus paid a full package of your deliverance on the Cross. With the thoughts of condemnation, you can never earn it.
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    Next is that you then confess you sin out loud to God, not a priest who doesn’t have the power to forgive himself. Mention that sin to God. ‘’Dear Lord, I have just fornicated with Larry again, forgive me’’. Godly sorrow works repentance which cannot be repented of. Once you are truly sorry for your sin and you tell it to Jesus, He will give you the strength to forsake them. Forsaking your sin doesn’t come automatic; the more you pay attention to the voice of His Spirit in you, the stronger you become in defeating that sinful habit. The more you feed your spirit man with the word of God, the stronger you become in resisting the urge to indulge in that act whenever it comes. And in doing this, the strength to forsake them comes.
    The prodigal son wouldn’t have been forgiven had he remained in the faraway country. Go back to your Father in that garment stained and soiled with sin! He is never ashamed of holding you in His embrace with that garment stained with sin, He will give you a clean heart and a right spirit. The devil will do all that is in his best to keep you on the floor but when you summon up courage, without listening to his voice of condemnation, your victory is sure.
    Finally, remember this: to whom you yield yourself to obey, the servant of whom you are, whether of sin to destruction or of obedience to righteousness. When that soft and gentle voice tells you to stop the act, it may be your desire to watch porn, masturbate, fornicate or engage in dirty talks with the opposite sex, obey immediately. Don’t please the flesh, starve him. However, the aspect of your life (carnal or spiritual) you feed the most determines whether you will be entangled again or you will be free indeed.
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