Do you have a friend?

    It’s commonly said that show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.
    Quite a lot of people, especially young people believe they have friends but the outcome of their lives is nothing to write home about based on the kind of friend they keep.
    Do you know that the essence of friendship is more than what many people do in their relationship?
    Friendship is more than the pursuit of pleasure, living frivolously or chasing the vanities of life. The kind of friend you keep will tell you the kind of future you will have. You can never be great and well meaning in life if the friends you have scorn greatness or invest their lives in greatness destroying things.
    If all that your friend is telling you is about the latest gossip and gist in town, you don’t have a friend.
    When all that you both pursue is how to drink to stupour or get a lady in bed, your destiny has been concluded.
    If your friend is only concerned about soccer, latest purchase of footballers, match fixes, winning clubs without doing anything about what you’d become in life, I don’t think you have a friend.
    And as a lady, if what your girlfriend gist you about is sex, how to do it without getting pregnant, tricks to convert your boyfriend to an ATM machine or change boyfriends like sanitary pads; you don’t have a friend.
    How can you engage in over thirty minutes discussion with your friend and you did not say anything about God, destiny, purpose, making positive impact and becoming better than what you are; yet you say you have a friend?
    Do you think you have a friend when all that you gist is about what your boyfriend or girlfriend do: the vanity they pursue and the pleasure they seek?
    A friend you keep ought to make your life better. If your friend cannot advise you to be better in life, they’ll contribute to your failure in life.
    In case you don’t know, “Iron sharpens iron, and a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” (Prov. 27:17). If your friend is a “wood”, “stone” or fire extinguisher, they’ll reduce your life to zero, multiply it by nothing and divide it by nought.
    I have never seen anyone who made it in life without keeping the company of wise men or friends.
    If you’re destined to be great or you ever aimed to be great in life but you keep friends with no aim of greatness, you’ll kiss your destiny goodbye.
    Dear singles, teenagers and youths, the year is still fresh and your friends today will tell you the kind of life you’re going to experience tomorrow if you don’t change them now.
    Any friend that doesn’t make your life better will make it worse. If your friends scorn prayer, determination, focus, the pursuit of God’s purpose, making positive impact, living a better life, not at the stake of others and other things that will make you great, greatness will only be a wish.
    And if all that your friend tells you is the latest fashion in vogue, gossip, style, sex styles, ungodly means to making a living, most celebrated celebrity to follow and those pleasure loving things of life, you will end up becoming a spectator in life when others are making things happen.
    You need a friend that will tell you the truth without blinking an eye. You need a friend that will support you and get you on your toes when you’re at the verge of giving up in life. You need a friend that will remind you about who you should be and not the ones that would tell you to be what you’re not. You need a friend that will draw you closer to God, not the one that would drag you down to hell, give you a VIP seat with the devil and later repent.
    You don’t need many friends in life, you only need one good friend. A friend like Jonathan who David had; not a friend like Jonadab who wrongly advice his friend Ammon, and ruined his destiny.
    Do you have a friend, I mean a good friend? A friend you can be proud of and that which God will be also proud that you have a friend.
    Now let me ask you, have you found a friend in Jesus? There’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother and Jesus Christ is this friend. If you have good friends and you don’t have Jesus Christ, you still do not have a friend.
    Other friends could make your life better here on earth but Jesus Christ will never make you perish and will grant you everlasting life. Do you have a good friend and do you have Jesus Christ?
    © Oluwamayowa Adeniyi 2019 | King Solomon’s Mine

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