Do not Wallow In Self-Pity

Do not Wallow In Self-Pity - Kay Magnate

The worst thing that could ever happen to anyone is to dwell in self-pity. We all have a story to tell and if you think you’ve gone through the worst scenarios of life, why not turn to the man next door and watch a couple episodes of the life drama he played a preceding role to and then you’ll be thankful for your life. The truth is that we have all had our own fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly and there’s no time to dwell in the past. You just have to pick and dust yourself up and get moving again.

Time waits for no one, neither is tomorrow promised, so make the best use of the seconds you’re blessed with. You can’t keep crying about the whole place like a baby. There’s already enough mess on the sitter’s plate, so clean up your own mess my friend. Man up! Take charge of your responsibilities. Wallowing in self-pity won’t make your problems or challenges go away.

If life gives you a lemon, why not make lemonade and mix it up with some ice. You can’t afford to get caught in a corner. Effortlessly strive to pave a way through that wall even if it means to chisel your way out. A man is known by the battles he wins, so you better pick up your gun and load it up with some bullets. And remember, you’re only allowed to fight with the Scriptures so be careful not to let out some blanks.

Let me take a second further, to carefully explain to us my initial expression of loading up your gun with some bullets. God has equipped us with the right words embellishing the pages of our Bible and if only we adhere to the instructions given to us and meditate on it day and night, we will become accustomed to them and no weapons fashioned against us will prosper. It’s like walking around the streets with a rocket launcher to your shoulder, trust me, no one wants to get in your way and risk a chance of been blown away.

I have found myself in situations where I allowed my emotions take the best of me and stretched a loving arm to self-pity because at the time, it was kind and selfless enough to provide me with the shovel I needed to bury myself with, in tears. And If not for any other reason, l will never forget the role my uncle played in getting me out of self-pity that wonderful day in his sitting room, where he gave me the words of my life, bringing to my attention cancer fast eating deep into me, and an immediate need to cut it out or live to face the consequences later. That day I got a hold on myself and ended the reign of self-pity in my life. And ever since, I’ve learnt to take charge and not make excuses for my failures and setbacks.

If I could get myself out of self-pity or depression, so can you. Fight for what you want and don’t quit even when you have it because there’s always room for more. Self-pity takes the mind off purpose and leaves one consuming depression upon depression, exposing you to dangers. Today, you have the opportunity to decide what direction you’ll be pitching your tent, tomorrow might be too late, so act now and cut out deadly cancer that might have eaten deep into you as it did with me in the past. Stay positive!

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